Friday Photos 09.20.13

Welcome to September’s edition of Friday Photos where I share whatever I feel like in photos {well, and a few words!}.

White Pumpkins in Wheelburrow ::

After writing about my lovely September Flowers just a bit ago and how I wasn’t ready for pumpkins, I caved and harvested our white pumpkins. Though in my defense, fall is officially only days away now! I got 8 beautiful pumpkins this year from three plants – which is good for me since I often get only one from each plant.

I’ve placed them on our porch, put a couple on the mantel to start our fall decorations and I plan to plop one in the center of our dining table, ’cause I think they are so pretty {though maybe not as pretty as our begonias – which are still on the porch, by the way!}.

I’ve been updating more old blog photos and have three more for you this month:

Summer Corn-Bacon Tart

An easy and delicious Corn  & Bacon Tart – a perfect way to use the corn that’s either still in season where you live or from the freezer. Either way, it makes a lovely, light meal when paired with a green salad.

How To Freeze Peppers :: An Oregon Cottage

My super old post about How To Freeze Peppers really needed updating and since I’m chopping a lot of peppers right now, it was easy to get some new pictures! Are you harvesting peppers right now, too?

Seafood Chowder with Green Chilies - An Oregon Cottage

And this Seafood Chowder with Green Chilies was buried so far down in the blog that I had totally forgotten about it! I’m happy to find it and update it right in time for the cooler weather – this is such a great variation of traditional chowder and full of flavor.

Wall-Ceiling paint difference

We finished painting the great room walls and now I’m slowly working on all the trim. I thought I’d share with you this photo that illustrates the difference between the paint.

The ceiling still sports the paint that we sprayed over all our dark, dark wood when we moved in 9 years ago. The paint that I thought I was safe buying $400 dollars worth because we had used it on all our trim in our old house and I liked it’s warmer white. The paint that I realized after moving in our furniture and comparing pieces painted with the ‘same’ color was no longer the same. It had been changed to a tannish-white that didn’t look white when any color was used against it. Can you say bitter? Yeah, a little.

I’m super happy with the brighter, whiter ‘creamy white’ (Behr) color and how it seems to bounce light around our great room.

Painted gallery wall redo

Giving everything a fresh coat of paint has made me reevaluate everything on our walls (and our house, actually, but that’s for another post) and I’m redoing the gallery wall. I got tired of the busyness of that wall and I’m wanting something a little less symmetrical. You can be sure I’ll keep you updated!

Sunshine and Aviators

I wrote about how bittersweet your child’s senior year and graduation is when our son graduated a few years ago and all those same feelings are starting anew as our daughter began her senior year this month. My sweet sister took a Sunday afternoon and shot a bunch of pictures for her senior portraits – they are SO good, it’s been hard to pick the few we need for the yearbook and such.

This one of course isn’t good for any ‘official’ senior portraits with the sunglasses, but doesn’t she seem like she’s modeling with the wind blowing perfectly as if we’d set up a wind-fan and the perfectly glossed lips? She’s beautiful inside and out, and I’m determined to enjoy every bit of her last year of school…sniff.

I hope your Friday is going well!!


  1. Janet Backstrom says

    Hi there, I love your website. Thanks for the tips on freezing vegetables with out blanching so time consuming. Thanks again. Jan Backstrom , Liverpool UK

  2. says

    I planted white pumpkins for the first time this year- I absolutely love them. I was so disappointed though as I only got 2 from 1 plant. I feel much better now as you say that is actually above normal!
    I learn something every time I read your blog!!!
    Have a great week!!

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