Friday Photos 11.1.13

Well, even though it’s the 1st of November (can you believe it?), I’m counting this as the October Friday Photos edition – better late than never. Though now that I’m thinking about it, you guys probably don’t keep track, but it makes me feel like I’m keeping to some sort of schedule {smile}.

First up is this collage I created from some Instagram shots of our garden:

Fall 2013 Garden Collage :: An Oregon Cottage

The orangey-red leaves of the Pee Gee hydragea and the leaves on the Adirondack chairs just scream fall, but what do you think of those roses? I thought it was amazing to find a whole bouquet of roses at the end of October! Of course I had to add the Beautyberry bush stems with their incredible purple berries. I don’t think the bush itself is that pretty, but for a month in the fall when it’s covered in these purple clumps, it sure is something.

10-13 ocean sunset-An Oregon Cottage

I visited the Oregon coast last weekend, and though I’m no ocean photographer, it’s hard to see a sunset like this and not want to capture it somehow – even if it’s just on an iPhone. The rays coming through the clouds were spectacular!

Yaquina Head Lighthouse5

From the weather reports we thought we’d see only rain and clouds, but we were blessed on Saturday with a day of sun and blue skies, which we took advantage of by spending a lot of time outside. This is the Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Newport – lighthouses are so stately, aren’t they?

Round Vintage Mirror Before-After :: An Oregon Cottage

And I just had to share this with you guys: I was updating an old post about repainting this vintage mirror when I noticed the flowers in the before and after photos. The before arrangement is sad and dead while the after flowers are not only alive, but color-coordinated, ha! I don’t think I planned this and I didn’t even mention it in the post, but it kinda reminded me of weight loss before and after photos: the people are all sad and forlorn in the befores, but of course super happy in the afters, just like these flowers!

Finally, I want to give you a preview of a fantastic sale that will be happening next week:


I participated in a sale similar to this last spring and I’ve LOVED the ebooks that I got from that – it’s such a great resource! This time around the sale is all about healthy living and the ebooks (86 of them!!) are some of the best I’ve seen (you can see the list here) and there are again awesome bonuses like free eco laundry detergent and a free Plan to Eat membership (see the list here).

But there’s also something new that I think is awesome: a membership to “coffee table conversations” a wonderful concept where you will be able to talk to someone about what you’re reading, hear a genuine discussion of how to apply ideas you’re learning, or ask specific questions about eating well on a tight budget, greening your household, and more. What a great idea! (see more about this here)

It starts Monday at 8am and I will have all the details then – I’m excited about all that’s offered for an incredible price, and I know you will be, too! (Oh, and these links are affiliate links, if you click on them and order, I’ll get a small referral fee – thank you! – you can read more about this on our disclosure page).

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Amy says

    Your pics are stunning. Not to mention the beautiful flowers you’re growing in October and November! You’re such a talent!

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