Friday Photos 7.18.14

Red and Green Lettuce Bed - An Oregon Cottage
Happy friday, friends – I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last Friday Photos installment! For those of you who are new around here (major welcome, btw!), I like to post a few of my favorite photos, some life stories, and a couple of updated recipe photos on Fridays, usually once a month, more or less, as time allows.

Some major life stuff has been happening these last few months, as many of you are aware from following me on Facebook and Instagram with of course a few hints here on the blog (wonder why I’d post about a chalkboard graduation party?). But before that, there was the spring lettuce bed pictured above that made me happy. I didn’t purposely plant in any complicated pattern, but the two colors sort of created a pattern out of my haphazard rows – so pretty, don’t you think? Of course, the first head you cut ruins it – but eating is what it’s all about, right?

An Oregon Cottage Family at HS Graduation

At the beginning of June, we celebrated our daughter’s graduation from high school. Obviously, we were enjoying the moment. I love this picture (taken by my sister) of Brian, our son, and me laughing with our daughter in the golden light of the evening – it seems like we’re all sharing her joy at her accomplishment (which we were, of course).

I wrote four years ago of the bittersweet feelings a mama has when she watches a child graduate from high school, and those feelings remained in full force through May and June as we shared in all that leads up to graduation. Like I did with my son, I kept picturing this sweet face:

An Oregon Cottage's Adorable Daughter

And wondered how the time could go so quickly. She, like her brother, has been the answer to many unspoken prayers and we’ve been blessed to be able to raise her to this point in her life (of course we will continue – that sounds weird, but she’ll be living at college, so it’s a different kind of parenting…). She’s an amazing young woman – truly amazing – with a joy for the Lord, a love for others, a quick mind and a smile that’ll melt your heart. Sniff.

An Oregon Cottage Family at UO Graduation

As if that weren’t enough joy and life milestones for us, we had our fun graduation party and then cheered as our son graduated from the University of Oregon! Wow – both Brian and I are UO alums, so it was fun to see how much the ceremony has changed (it’s now held on Monday morning (crazy!) at Matthew Knight Arena instead of Autzen Stadium, for any of you Oregon people, and they don’t walk for the handshake at the big ceremony, only at the individual school ceremonies, boo), but of course it was an absolute blast to celebrate this big achievement with him!! Double proud mama here.  :)

So, life has slowly been settling down and the garden is producing lots of these lovely fruits:

All About Blueberries:

If you’ve got a ton of berries like us, then you’ll want to check out this post I wrote last year all about blueberries – how to freeze, dry, can and cook with them. YUM.

Jelly or Mason Jar Chandelier with Solar lights - An Oregon Cottage

The other night – a perfect summer night we spent in our gazebo – I posted the bottom photo on Instagram and FB with our new solar lights twinkling in our jelly jar outdoor chandelier. Someone asked for a tutorial and I found that I had never added it to our Project Gallery. Bummer. Well, it’s there now, but I thought I would share with you how great it looks with the ‘fairy lights.’

See the tea lights in the top photo? Yeah, they were almost impossible to actually light, which I think we did all of one time. So I started looking for a solar option since there are no outlets near the gazebo. I found this warm white LED 72ft. long string of 200 lights on Amazon (yep, that’s an affiliate link) for about $28 which was a great deal considering I had been looking at much shorter strands for $12-14 each. They work great, giving off a fun ambience (but not a lot of actual light) whether you’re in the gazebo or just looking out the window. I can’t help but smile when I see them!

Easy Thai Inspired Chicken Vegetable Curry Using Cooked Chicken - An Oregon Cottage

Finally, I have only one newly update photo to share, but it’s a good one – my favorite easy curry made with already cooked chicken or turkey and whatever vegetables you have in season. It really only takes 20 to 30 minutes to make (depending on how much chopping you need to do or if you’re using frozen vegetables), so is perfect any time of the year, really. It’s a great way to use up leftovers or rotisserie chicken and also use your unblanched green beans and snap peas – or any other vegetable you like!

That’s it for today’s edition of Friday Photos – I hope you all have a great weekend!!



  1. Jeannette says

    Congrats to your daughter on her graduation. Milestones are a great reason to celebrate! And that lettuce looks amazing!

  2. says

    Our oldest graduated this year too so I understand your mixed feelings. So proud and excited for them and their future but sad that their childhood is over and they are moving out!

  3. Toni Brock says

    Congratulations! To both Son and Daughter :) My son is 37 with two little children (the loves of my life) but it does seem like yesterday we were celebrating graduation with him.
    The lettuce is so beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful photos.

  4. says

    I always love random posts like this.

    Lettuce growing in pretty rows like that is one of my favorite things.

    I can’t believe your kids have both graduated high school, let alone COLLEGE!!!! Crazy.

    I rigged up some DIY solar light things in our yard this year and I love them. No, they don’t put out a lot of light, but they’re so pretty when you’re sitting out in the evenings. I may need one of the strings like you used. :)

    I LOVE curry anything. Last summer, my sister and I put together a garden curry with random things from my yard and the farmer’s market and it was one of my most memorable meals. So, so good.

    Is it Friday again yet? ;o)

    • says

      You’re so sweet, Mindy! And I agree – grilling and curries are two of my favorite ways to use our random garden vegetables. Yum. :)

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