Friday Photos 8.22.14

Summer Rain on Hydrangea - An Oregon Cottage

It’s Friday Photos, August edition! How’re you all doing this fine August day? As you can see from the photo above, we’ve had a bit of rain here and there in the last few weeks, but nothing like we can sometimes have here in the Pacific Northwest – we’ve been BLESSED with wonderful summer weather. And I like it warm, so I’m not tired of it yet – no sirree. Oh, and our kids in public schools on the west coast don’t usually start school until after labor day, so it’s still full-on summer here for another week, yeah!

Besides warm summer weather, the other thing I love about this time of year are the hydrangeas blooming. Sigh. I just can’t get enough of the varieties there are now and how the blossoms change almost daily at this point. My little lime hydrangea is getting pink edges to it’s blossoms, the blues are starting to turn purple and the white Pee Gee hydrangea’s blossoms are so big it’s flopping like a giant lady’s hat. And you know I’m helping them all out by pruning them to enjoy vases filled with their beauty (like this simple mantle I did a few weeks ago).

Harvesting Honey - An Oregon Cottage

I just have to share this photo with you all of Zack, The Bee Man (aka, my brother-in-law), my daughter and nephew all working to extract a bit of honey from Zack’s hives he keeps on our property. You can just see another hive to the right, making four total – our most ever after Zack found numerous wild hives  – and they all produced a TON of honey this year. Yum. The hives are all pretty strong and should make it through the winter without a hitch.

Sweet Cheeks Winery Evening - An Oregon Cottage

Doesn’t this look like a perfect way to spend a late summer evening? My extended family all met up at Sweet Cheeks Winery (about a 30 minute drive west of us) to celebrate my sister and sister-in-law’s birthdays and what a view, surrounded by vineyards. I hadn’t been there before and I was really impressed. It’s fun (you bring your own picnic food), there was a great live musician playing and the wine, of course, was wonderful. One of the best ways we’ve celebrated birthdays for sure! (Pffft – who needs Napa, California?)

(Are you curious as to who’s in the pictures? That’s my big brother with me on the left, Brian, our son, daughter and Zack (yep, the bee man) in the upper right, and too many to list in the lower right – but the two birthday girls are in there – they’re both standing)

An Oregon Cottage Sale

You might know I’ve been preparing for a Big Purge Sale if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, and it’s been taking SO much time (now I’m remembering why I don’t do these more often…). I’m almost embarrassed by the amount of stuff I have accumulated over 20+ years of thrifting and different hobbies (scrapbooking, needlepoint [huh? okay, this one was short-lived…], and sewing mainly), and my previous preschool teaching career. Please reassure me that it happens to the best of us – right?

You may notice (besides the dog photo-bombing yet another picture) in the upper right photo that I’m officially done with my roses/floral phase. Almost everything on this table has roses or flowers on them, can you believe it? I didn’t realize I had so much of it until you see it all clumped together like this, ha!

Sausage and Corn Stuffed Zucchini - An Oregon Cottage

And I only have one recipe with an updated photo to share with you, but it’s a good one and timely, too, since it’s all about zucchinis right now, isn’t it? There’s no way, though, to make these zucchini stuffed with corn, sausage, tomatoes & onions in a cream cheesy-parmesean sauce look as good as they taste, though. I promise they will make zucchini lovers out of most people. SO very good.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Michele says

    Jami, don’t worry, at least you are clearing out by having a sale :) Some folks never do that ….I usually do a garage sale once a year- that keeps my uncluttered most of the time. I do a charity store run about once a month- Goodwill or FISH here in Nevada. If we haven’t worn it or used it in a year, out it goes!
    Can’t wait to try the zucchini recipe- my garden hasn’t produced very much squash yet. 2 zucchinis and 2 yellow squashes….I just don’t have the same type of space and soil that I did in Klamath Falls!

    • says

      We still make occasional thrift store dumps, too, Michele and I still have this much, ha! Feels good to lighten up, though, that’s for sure. Hope you like the stuffed zucchini!

  2. Alice says

    Okay! You are gonna think this comment is so unrelated to your post, but what kind of dog is that in the picture? We just adopted a dog that looks exactly like that one. Our dog is a black lab mix & I have never seen one that looks so much like her. :0

    • says

      We rescued our dog, too, at about a year after being dropped off in my Dad’s neighborhood in the forest. He’s definitely a mountain dog: same calm personality, loves icy water and snow, and has big paws that he can climb up steep cliffs with (amazing to watch!). We thought a Bernese at first, but his hair isn’t as long, so we believe he’s a Greater Swiss Mountain mixed with Lab. We’ve seen this mix a couple of times and our dog looks just like them. If yours is the same, you’re in for a great ride with her – they are a wonderful family dog!

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