Friday Photos 08.09.13

Hello, all! For this month’s Friday Photos installment, I’m including a couple of updated recipes – some of my absolute favorites – and a few scenes from our life, including a crazed squirrel that has targeted us!

Chocolate-Topped Oatmeal Bars |

First up are delicious Chocolate Topped Oatmeal Bars, something I’ve made since high school – except back then I’d use a boxed frosting mix that the recipe called for -yuck. I went a few years without them before I developed this rendition that uses all whole, real food ingredients. The bonus is they are gluten free and could be dairy free with the use of coconut oil. Any way you make them, they will be devoured by all.

Chocolate Chip Walnut Pie :: AnOregonCottage

Chocolate Chip Walnut Pie deserved a photo update because it is THE dessert that’s requested by my family for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. It probably could be called ‘candy bar pie’ because most people tell me it reminds them of candy. Rich, rich, rich. You’ll want to pin this for sure! (hint: click the ‘Pin it’ that appears in the photo when you hover!)

Easy Grilled Potato Planks :: An Oregon Cottage

Since super easy Grilled Potato Planks are on our summer menu almost weekly, the sad state of the old photos deserved an update with my new camera. Trust me, you’ll want to make these if you grill. All you need is three steps – cut, coat, grill – no precooking the potatoes is necessary!

Thrift store plates for wall :: An Oregon Cottage

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen the thrift store plates I found during our trip to the coast a few weeks ago. These will be the start of the new plate wall I’m planning for above our bed and I’m aiming for a calm and subtle look against our light green walls.

I’m bringing in pops of coral to our green and white bedroom, so I’m on the look out for a few more with orange/coral/pink on them plus more white plates with interesting shapes. I’m thinking there needs to be a good amount for over a queen bed and I’m wanting to do some of the overlapping I’ve seen others doing now. Have any of you created a plate wall? Any tips?

The other morning Brian told me he saw a squirrel chewing on one of our outdoor curtains and I thought a little hole at the bottom or something…

Squirrel attacks outdoor curtain ::

Um, no – this thing went crazy with our curtain! I don’t know what he was trying to do at this point in the year – stock up for winter with pieces of fabric? The curtain has holes all the way from the bottom to where the squirrel could reach from the rail! Not to mention other animal, uh, leavings. Yuck. I’ve not heard of other people having trouble with wildlife and their outdoor curtains – have you? Sigh.

Do you think it’s worth making a new curtain, or will that one get attacked as well?


On a much happier note, I couldn’t help but snap a picture of Brian playing with Samson in the summertime grass. Samson loves the grass and warm weather and spends much time rolling in it and growling happily all by himself. But when master comes to play? Well, I’m figuring that’s a little bit of doggie heaven right there.

I hope your summer’s been going well – and that no crazed animals are bothering you!



  1. says

    We’ve never had outdoor curtains so I don’t know about squirrels eating them, but we had a squirrel that totally demolished my husbands hammock. It was a very sad day…

  2. Clewis says

    I have heard of squirrels eating the deck furniture, the gas lines on cars, etc. there is something in the coating on the gas lines that attracts them. The patio furniture must have the same ingredient, because they shred the cushions. I don’t know if there is some measure of that particular item in your outdoor draperies. I do know it is unpleasant & has prevented us from leaving the all weather cushions out of doors, and several of us have suffered incredible auto repair bills due to the gnawing. Luckily, no one has had a vehicle accident, thus far, as a result, only a very inconvenient breakdown & tow. Sorry about your drapes.

    Could they be getting prepped for bedding throughout the winter and were unsuccessful? I wish I knew!

    Best of luck!

  3. says

    I’ve pinned away! I’ll have to try the potatoes soon. Our kitchen is gutted, so the grill is gettin’ a serious workout.

    The squirrels tore up my outdoor curtain last year. I made a new one this spring out of drop cloth and so far, they’ve left it alone. Naughty little critters.

    • says

      Hmmm, drop cloth, Mindy? Maybe it’s because it’s thicker? I’ll try that if I get up the energy to make new curtains. :) Oh, and I’ve been following along on your kitchen redo – I can’t wait to see the end result!!

  4. says

    I have squirrels come to my porch but I feed them peanuts …one of them is a regular 6 a.m visitor and is pretty tame by now. A few others show up here and there. I do not have outdoor curtains but there are several chairs with couch cushions and pillows and they don’t bother them. I am not sure if they are chewing your curtains or climbing them. I know they like to DIG as when I started flowers in long shallow planters for the porch I saw one digging in there so I put little plastic forks where he liked to dig and he got the message. Maybe see if there is a deterrent you can spray the curtains with before replacing them, and see if that works. Try some peanuts or cracked corn in another area to attract them away from your curtains ? Not sure but good luck! :)

  5. Swissie3 says

    Hi Jami, Anna here in France. Just had to tell you I made your chocolate chip walnut tart and it was delicious. I made it last night. A little pushed for time so I used a ready-made pie case that I had in the freezer but man was it good. I just hope my other half likes the love handles on me. Yikes.

    • says

      Yeah, Anna! I’ve always gotta make it for a crowd, ’cause it’s seriously tempting to have around – it seems to get better as leftovers, ha. :)

  6. Leslie says

    Squirrels? Crazy little buggers. We had squirrels that chewed through the cord for the Christmas lights on our deck. They also chewed through the gas line to our grill and emptied the bird feeders in minutes. One day I stepped onto the deck, only to have a rotten apple land right beside my feet, and then another, and then another. I looked up to see two squirrels watching me from the roof, right where the apples had come from. They had actually pulled decomposing apples from my compost bin, carried them to the roof, and rolled them off the roof when I walked on the deck. My husband thought it was hilarious, and said I was lucky they had bad aim, though I maintain that it could only be taken as a hostile act. 😉

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