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The blog updates just keep coming along here behind-the-scenes! I have been waiting for the spring to update most of my old gardening posts, plus do some much needed organizing of the 300+ posts I’ve written about gardening during the last 5 years. Yep, I can hardly believe that I’ve written that much – and that I have more to come!

So today I’ve got some fun announcements for you, the first of which are the two gardening pages highlighted in the screenshot of our Organic Gardening drop-down menu above:

  1. I’ve updated the main ‘Organic Garden’ page – the one that comes up when you click on the title – with a larger photo and links to all the gardening categories we use here at AOC. They are a little more front-and-center than in the category list in the sidebar (did you know it was there – it’s the second tab in the welcome area with my photo).
  2. I’ve added a completely new page (I know I wrote ‘updated’ under the arrow above, but I was wrong…) to highlight our series on starting a vegetable garden from design to seeds to planting. I still need to go in and update the individual posts, but right now I’m happy to get them on a page where they may be able to help people begin designing and dreaming of spring!

I’ve got more in store for our garden pages, including a tour of my garden through the seasons, a comprehensive garden tips page, a favorite flowers page, and more! (hint: Subscribe by Email Here so you’ll be sure to not miss anything)

Tuesday Garden PartyAnd speaking of spring, our next announcement is about the Tuesday Garden Party – next Tuesday, March 4, is the first TGP for the 2014 season, woot!

Get those beginning garden posts ready to link up and share with your gardening buddies here next week. Remember you can post about how you’re using your stored produce, how your garden is faring, and well, basically anything garden related.

Go here to read more details and find out more about the Tuesday Garden Party.

You can also follow me on Pinterest, where you’ll find a board of AOC’s Favorites: Garden as well as a gardening board that I’m going to be splitting into three (vegetables, flowers, tips) in the future and spending more time finding great content for them, so come hang out with me there!

Finally, my last announcement may be the best:

Wednesday, February 26, I’m going to be celebrating five years of blogging (yep, I started waaaay back in February of 2009) by holding a little giveaway. I found a couple of items from one of my favorite catalogs, Ballard Designs, that I’m loving and just couldn’t help but share them with you.

I’m also going to have a little look-back from where we started, what some of our most popular posts have been (and continue to be!), and what have been my favorite posts and blog-related things. I hope you’ll join me and help celebrate – ’cause I wouldn’t be here but without you guys – the most encouraging, sweet readers around!!






  1. says

    Eeek, I can’t wait for the garden party!!! I posted my first official garden post of the season today. Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s!

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