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Backyard with deck

Do you have an outdoor area you could turn into a “room” that would act as a sort of getaway right in your own yard? We inherited a structure in the corner of our huge, rotting deck when we moved to this house that I’ve dreamed of turning into a place in it’s own right.

OK, the deck wasn’t rotting when we bought the house – but it was old and close to rotting. And then, since we didn’t like it we, well…ignored it. And wood does rot over time – especially in Oregon. And especially when ignored. Duh.

Anyway, when we tore out the deck, we replaced it with a variety of outdoor “rooms” – an eating patio, an herb garden, a house entry, and a gazebo we created from the inherited structure.

Finishing the gazebo has been a long process and has prevented me from showing the final backyard reveal. However, I think we’ll be ready to do the reveal by next week and in the meantime, I wanted to share some ideas and inspiration I’ve been using as we finish this space (of course, I’ve been pinning them to my Garden board at Pinterest as well).



At first I wasn’t sure I could call the square structure a gazebo, but I did find lots of examples of square gazebos like this one. I also like that it’s brown instead of white, because I had pretty much decided to get rid of the white wood on our structure (white in Oregon = green moss and black mold).



We have an issue with the sun in our eyes as it sets in the west around dinner time, so I want to add curtains to one side. White seems simple enough – plus I already have white fabric I can use. I really like how curtains instantly make the space room-like.



I pinned this image mainly for the chandelier – since our gazebo is really high, I think a chandelier would help link the ceiling to the sitting area.

Plus, they’re just cool. Doesn’t it really make this portable gazebo special?



I’ve been dreaming of seeing our space lit up at night, like this fun gazebo space (this was all done with Goodwill finds, too!). I don’t want to see a lot of cords, though, so I’m hoping to find some solar lights that aren’t too expensive.



I love this chandelier idea – it looks like it was made from found objects. It inspired me to look around our house and find something I could make into a candle chandelier.

So far I’ve found a rusty old canning rack, a dozen vintage jelly jars, and some rusty wire and chain. Hmm…?

Stay tuned, ’cause you know I’ll share!


  1. Kit at Amish Country Gazebos says

    Thanks so much for including the square gazebo in your post! Those are some of our favorites. :-) Great pictures, too.

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