Gold Burlap Wrapped Candles

Gold Burlap Wrapped Candles :: An Oregon Cottage

Do I have a super simple craft for you guys today! Really, it’s so easy it’s almost not a craft – but it does include spray paint (which you probably know by now that I love, ha!), so I’m going with craft.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is the reason I share everything here on AOC – to inspire you and show you that beauty (or cooking or gardening) can be simple and do-able for everyone!

Burlap Wrapped Candles on Fall Mantel

So these gold burlap wrapped candles were inspired by some candles that Pottery Barn carried last fall which are no longer available – but since the popularity of gold and brass in decorating is still going strong, I decided to create a version for our fall mantel. I like that the gold burlap brings together the rough burlap cocoa bag and the shiny brass thrift store candle sticks.

Gold Burlap Candle Wraps :: An Oregon Cottage

Here are the steps to create your own super simple gold burlap candle wraps:

Materials Needed:

  • natural colored burlap
  • gold spray paint
  • glue gun (optional)
  • jute twine (optional)


  1. Cut lengths of burlap to fit around your candles with about an inch overlap. They can be as wide as you’d like, covering most of the candle or just the centers like mine.
  2. Lay the lengths of burlap on cardboard (or an old piece of plywood) covered in newspaper and spray with a light coat of gold spray paint. Let dry. If you’d like it a little more golden, spray another light coat, but you don’t want too much paint, as it will make the burlap stiff.
  3. After the burlap wraps are completely dry, attach them to the candles in one of two ways:
  • -Use jute twine as shown and simply wrap the candles and tie the jute around the burlap to hold in place with a single knot (or bow – your choice).
  • -Run a bead of hot glue down the back overlapping seam to hold the burlap in place if you’d prefer not to use twine.

There you have it – three simple steps! You could also use silver metallic paint or any metallic paint, I think, for your own take on this easy craft.

What do you think? Seriously, this is my kind of craft!


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