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Handmade GiftsThis is a gift we received from my sister at our early Christmas celebration (make sure to see the other four cool gifts, too) which I couldn’t wait to share with you all.

It’s a greeting card organizer that came with cards and even important family events for us to remember and I am really excited about using it! It is such a good idea and a nice presentation at that.

Of course I had to grill her about all the details first: The boxes are meant to hold CDs. Similar boxes can be found at Walmart and Target, but I could not find them online, so they must be available only in the stores. Update: I found these at Walmart and they’re just $7.00!

When you open the box, you can see how it has been modified with monthly tabs (hand-cut from picture matting by my brother-in-law) to hold note cards for any occasion. It even has space in the front for stamps, return labels and pens- oh my!

It includes a sweet note on the lid from my sister plus these instructions:

Here’s how it works:
Each month has a list of birthdays
in our family to get you started. You
can add more birthdays and other
special occasions as you wish. We
started you off with some cards and
hope you find this useful.

Um, useful? Oh yeah!

Each monthly tab has simple computer print-outs glued on with enough space for all our occasions. I love how she added our family occasions already- what a great jump-start!

There are about three blank custom note cards included for each month. They were all made from my sister’s own photographs, similar to my other sister’s gift of soap and cards. I believe they get these made at a local copy shop. They can reduce any size artwork or photos to fit standard-sized note cards.

Any blank note cards could be added, however, and still make a pretty cool gift. And I love that they’re blank cards- I actually prefer blank cards, so I can use them for whatever I need- a birthday, thank you, or just to say hi (remember the days of keeping in touch through letters?).

Not only will this help keep me organized, just think how nice this will look on a desk or shelf- it’s a bonus that it doesn’t need to be hidden away!


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