Guest Posts & A Few Favorite Links


Hi all! I hope you have a great weekend planned…and for any extra computer time you have (a-hem) I thought I’d share some links you might be interested in:

Here are a few guest posts I’ve done in the last few weeks:

6 Simple And Easy Laundry Tips at About One

7 Things To Stop Buying Now And Save Money, also at About One (yes, I mention paper towels- throw them at me now if you wish!)

Indoor Sandbox: Homemade Gift For Kids, at The Happy Housewife

And here are my favorite links from the past couple of weeks- you’ll find all kinds here today- there’s no rhyme or reason, just what caught my attention:

1.  Kimberlee at The Peaceful Mom is offering this 40-page ebook for free, just by liking her Facebook page! This is a great resource and it’s so awesome that she’s keeping it free- I hope you all are able to take advantage of this.

2.  And then I found that Jacinda of Growing Home wrote anarticle about reading food labels- it’s short and sweet and gives a run-down on some of the most common ingredients on packaged foods. I seriously had just been thinking about writing something like this…so much easier to link to, isn’t it? *smile*

These two links specifically caught my attention because this last week I spoke to a group of wonderful women at a local church. It was the first time I had done anything like that, so it was with much fear and trepidation- but what a blast it turned out to be.  I made it through my nervousness and actually had fun and got to meet some of my awesome readers!

I talked about frugal menu planning, batch cooking and cooking from scratch (and pantry basics!), reading food labels and saving money without clipping lots of coupon, which these two resources also deal with, so I was excited to find these to compliment my speaking notes.

3. Isn’t this Chalkboard Painted Table a fun idea for a family table? Kinda like the paper-and-crayon set up some restaurants have, but all the time! I think it would be great for an outdoor table (that’s under cover, though)- all the fun with no worries about chalk dust clean-up!


4. And Chocolate Zucchini Bread? Why did I never think to add cocoa to my zucchini bread before? It’s good for you and…it’s chocolate! You’d think that would’ve been a no-brainer. Well, this is now pinned to my Quick Bread Pinterest board now awaiting my first zucchini of the season.


5. I was very curious when Layla Palmer of the Lettered Cottage showcased her husband’s new venture all about helping others learn photography. As in…I think I need to sign up for one of these online workshops! While my skills have improved a LOT since the beginning of this blog, that’s not sayin’ a much, ’cause they were so bad to start with.

I wish I were exaggerating, but one of my early pictures was used as a “here’s what not to do” example at a workshop class I attended at the first Savvy Blogging conference (wondering why there’s no link? Um, yeah- that puppy was deleted as fast as I could get back to my room!).

Anyway… while I find time to fit a workshop into my schedule, Shoot Fly Shoot has posted a Composition and Perspective article on their blog that also has really good tips. Here’s hoping they keep these coming!



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