Highlights & The Tuesday Garden Party

Thank you SO much, dear friends, for you supportive, kind, and loving comments in response to my post about my father-in-law. You have touched my heart yet again with the outpouring of your thoughtful words. And not just me, but also Brian and his whole family as I shared your comments with them. We had a lovely memorial for my father-in-law and now we move on to our new normal without him – we, of course, are richer for having had him in our lives and we are also richer that all of you are in our lives through this blog. Love you guys!

Here are a few highlights from last week’s Tuesday Garden Party:


Isn’t Nancy’s pantry awesome? Oh, the room! And how tidy – I’m a wee bit envious of those cast iron pans and how sweet they look hanging like that – though now that I think about it, that must’ve been quite the project to secure the pot rack enough to hold all that weight!

bees on raspberries

I just loved this photo from Michelle’s mid June garden – first of all, how did she get it – did she lie in wait or just happen upon the scene? Second, it warms my heart to see bees workin’ away so she’ll be able to harvest ripe raspberries soon!

By the way – I haven’t given an update on our bees, have I? There’s been drama, sadness, and lots of excitement, so you’re due for a follow-up to Zack the Bee Man’s guest post. Look for it soon!


Walking onions have always fascinated me and the onions from Caroline’s garden are starting their funny, bendy, walking ways which reminded me yet again that I really want to plant these onions! They are supposed to replant themselves, basically, by bending over and rooting with the result being a steady supply of onions, good for self-sufficiency. One day…

Oh! I love it when you link up recipes using your harvest, too – there were a couple last week as well, though I’m sad I don’t have any kale or chard left to make them – but they’re pinned for the fall. So I hope this week to see more of what is growing – vegetables and flowers! – and any recipes you’re making with your produce!


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    Oh bees! I’m so familiar with bee drama now, more than I’d hoped! But it’s so rewarding, too. I notice more bee posts, which make me so happy!

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    Thank you so much for featuring my pantry! As you can see from the block of wood behind those cast iron pans my husband made a nice way to support the weight! If anyone is interested in winning a WonderMill Grain Mill, come on over I’m doing a giveaway for one! Hope you have a great week.On The Home Front

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    I now have pantry envy, what a great pantry Nancy has. My hope is that this year will be the year we can add in some shelves to where I store my canned good.

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    I’m seriously loving that pantry! One day I hope to have one just like it. Thanks for hosting such a great link up each week.

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    Wow! Thanks so much for featuring my bee shot! They have been so busy out there that I just walked out and snapped that photo. The noise in the raspberry patch from all their buzzing around is really something else! Oh, and I just love the Tuesday Garden Party!


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