How To Make A Wood Table Clock

Handmade GiftsThis little wooden table clock is a really cute and easy gift- even for the “less crafty” among us. It takes just a few easy steps and some inexpensive materials to create this- and not much time involved, either! I made one for myself when I gave these as gifts a few years ago, and I love it still (if that isn’t a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is…).

The Materials:

  • 3-1/2″x3-1/2″ (or close) corner block rosette molding piece (about $2.50)
  • Paint (hopefully what you’ve already got laying around…)
  • Rust Paint Kit (or similar spray paint for hands and easel- $3-5?)
  • Clock kit with mechanism and hands ($4-5)
  • Small table-top picture frame easel ($1)

The Steps (for the clock):

  1. Carefully drill a hole (sized to fit clock kit) in the center of the rosette- try not to get too much splintering…sand where needed.
  2. Paint rosette desired color. I gave mine only one coat and then sanded the edges lightly. This is at it’s most simplistic- you could go all out and layer on colors, sanding to reveal the depths. Or not, like me. Your call.
  3. Paint the shiny brass hands using a rust kit or spray paint (or leave them be if you like…).
  4. Attach the clock mechanism and hands according to the package directions.

For the stand, paint with a faux-rust kit or spray paint and let dry. This was a black dollar store picture frame easel that I painted with a faux rust kit.

As this picture shows, in order for the hands to go all around, the wood clock needs to sit on top of the edge of the stand, not inside of it as a picture frame would.

There you have it- this is so simple it would even work as “last minute gifts”- well if you had at least a few days for paint to dry, I guess.

But my point is- these are easy and most anyone could do it! Think of how amazed your friends and family will be..and will they guess they’re less than $10? I don’t think so…


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