How We Chose Our House Color (Plus A Cool Video!)

Remember back in August when I asked for some help in choosing a color to paint our house? Well, you guys gave some awesome feedback that really helped us make our decision.

Specifically, it was mentioned that deeper shades of yellow fade on south facing walls, which I hadn’t really thought about. That kind of had me leaning towards the lighter color (and gave me ammunition when my daughter complained that it was too light).

Then it seemed that most people really felt a color between the two samples I had would be best. So I went looking for a yellow that would meet this criteria.

As a refresher, here are the two samples of yellow I started out with (all the paint is by Behr Paint):

This is the color I was leaning toward, Daybreak Sun. This was also the color that was featured in a Behr brochure for exterior paint schemes on a farmhouse with a white porch- just the look I was going for (this brochure is really cool, by the way- there are tons of three-color schemes to get your creative juices flowing).

But my daughter really wanted a darker yellow, so I brought home a second color, Lively Yellow as a comparison (Daybreak Sun is on the top).

Based in part on your feedback, here’s the color we ended up choosing:

Moonlit Yellow!

We just moved from the morning to the evening, it seems.

It’s never easy to see in a photo, but I think you can see how this color really does bridge the gap between the two.

And again, here it’s easy to see that Moonlit Yellow is a shade darker than Daybreak Sun, but lighter than Lively Yellow.

So that’s our paint scheme: Behr Paint’s Moonlit Yellow for the main color, a custom green color for the doors, and good old white for the trim (we love how you can just pull white off the shelf without waiting to have it mixed!).

And I’ve got to say I’ve got the greatest readers- thanks for weighing in on the decision! As a little thank you, here’s one of Brian’s videos for you to enjoy about paint colors and, well…other things (by the way, I totally blame the director for my dorkiness here- shouldn’t he have mentioned that I wasn’t smiling and I was looking weirdly up all the time?).

Click here to see this video full size on YouTube.

Stay tuned to see how we accomplished this job and the end result- it was quite a process!


This is linked to The Power Of Paint @ Domestically Speaking

Disclosure: Many thanks to Behr Paint for providing the main paint color for An Oregon Cottage. Always, the results and opinions are my own.





  1. Thoughts for the day says

    That video was so awesome. And it really is nice see real people. In the blog world you just don’t often get the idea of who you are reading about. You two are cute.
    from a reader in Oregon…

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