June Planting & Harvest {TGP}

Happy Tuesday Garden Party! Today I thought I’d just share a bit of what’s going on in our garden. I had big plans to share a tutorial on how to plant a corn patch with no weeds all season (yes, it can be done!), but it’s not to be this week. The new goal is next week – hopefully you all won’t have planted your corn yet…I know I haven’t!

harvest 6-01-13

Things have been a bit crazy around here this spring with our trip and Brian’s dad, so my whole gardening checklist has been basically thrown to the wind and it’s a ‘whatever gets done, gets done’ kind of gardening year. Which is why I’m delighted with this harvest from a few days ago (those of you who follow me on Facebook will recognize this!).

The rhubarb and asparagus come up every year with minimal upkeep from me, as well as the strawberries – awesome right now! Thankfully, I had time to plant lettuce seedlings I started back in February before we left for Greece and we are still reaping those rewards. And that huge head that wouldn’t even fit in the basket? It’s named Prizehead, naturally!

06-13potato & bean beds

So guess what I’m truly late planting? Potatoes! While most try to plant earlier, it’s actually okay to plant into June in our area, though the seedling potatoes should be an early variety. I planted Yukon Gold, so we’ll see how they do.

The other bed is the bean and cucumber bed – it looks all nicely done, doesn’t it? I only had time to get it ready, though – I still have to actually plant the seeds, ha!

unplanted beds06-13

And the corn beds? Well, those aren’t even ready…sigh. My window closes in a couple weeks, so I better make time soon.

Overgrown lettuce6-13

This is the ‘cut-and-come-again’ section of lettuce I planted the beginning of April. We had unseasonably warm and dry weather in April and the beginning of May, so the lettuce didn’t actually start growing well until May. And then quickly got out of control! I can’t give this lettuce away fast enough and it’s ready at the same time as the butterhead and prizehead lettuces, darn.

New lettuce 6-13

In an attempt to not have a feast-or-famine situation with lettuce, I started a small bed of a few summer varieties that are just coming up.

Covered tomatoes 6-13

The peas are a bit slow for me, as they were traumatized by the warm weather we had earlier, followed by a cold snap mid-May. I finally am seeing some little peas – hopefully we’ll be able to harvest in another week – at least the snow peas.

My tomatoes are actually growing fairly well under their remay covers. They were outside hardening off when we had that late freeze mid-May, so suffered some damage. I lost one and planted the rest and surprisingly, they’re looking pretty good. I can’t believe all they’ve been through this year – that freeze was on top of the dog damage in March. Tough little guys. I’ll be doing an extra-special harvest dance when I get the first ripe tomatoes this year, I’m sure!

Is all your planting done or do you still have some left? I just got the Fall/Winter catalog from Territorial Seed – whaaat? Am I that late with the spring planting?!

Tuesday Garden Party


  1. says

    I hope you get your corn in. I’d love to see the tutorial. We’re harvesting corn in our neck of the woods, although we didn’t plant any this year. We’ve had a really hard time with pill bugs of all things and I’ve had to adopt the attitude of, “Whatever we get is good.” this year.

  2. says

    Hi Jami, your garden looks awesome! And I look forward to the corn instructions! Also I started laughing when reading your post about your last name – in my head when I’d had seen your last name previously I hadn’t read it as “Boys” but as “Bouys” or “Buoys” or something like that. Anyways, I think it’s great!

  3. says

    I would love to take some of the lettuce off your hands…too bad I am so very far away. :) We went right from cool spring weather to HOT this week. My veggies are growing like crazy and in a week or two I should have some real garden beds full of lovelies.

    Thanks for hosting the link up.

  4. says

    Oooooooh, that lettuce is making my mouth water. Wish I lived closer, so I could take some off your hands! ;0)
    Enjoy the harvest!

  5. says

    I wish my lettuce was doing as well as yours is. I didn’t start any inside so maybe that is why the lettuce is so very slow this year. We have been eating peas for about a week now and they are about 6 feet tall. The tomatoes I planted have really taken off and I had to uncover the plants I covered with the milk jugs as they outgrew the cover so fast.

    I had to replant my cucumbers though. I had started them in the house they were doing great in the cold frame but they were just too big to stay in the cold frame, so I had to plant them in the garden. I wrapped them up to help protect them but then the cold snap hit with 4 inches of rain in two weeks. That did them in the poor little guys. I just replanted this week I am hoping they do better this second time around.

  6. says

    Oh my goodness – amazing gardens! for when I retire – lol! I have 2 tomato plants in containers this year and 2 basil plants :). Question: How do I know how much soaker hose to put around plants? I have one hose for a front bed far from the house for 5 hostas. It runs next to each plant, but does not circle each plant. I’m concerned they don’t get enough water. We can go for 1-2 weeks w/o rain. I’m thinking of adding another hose before I add more mulch. thanks.

    • says

      Soaker hoses are all different in my experience as to how much water output there is. I never leave those ridiculous plastic water-flow restrictors in to try and get a better, more even flow, but even then some spray water and some barely seep. The best way is to feel with your finger after watering (I leave mine for 4+ hours in larger beds) if it’s moist 1-inch down all around the plant. Also, if the plant wilts or looks dry around the edges. Hope that helps some!

  7. says


    Chella here from the Philippines. I’m so happy to find this blog. I know I will learn a lot specially about Organic Gardening. =)

  8. says

    What happened to your facebook page? Your garden’s looking good! What pretty lettuce. I planted my corn already, but I think the seeds rotted in the ground. Too much rain out here in Eastern Iowa. I’ve only seen a few baby corns pop up so far in my garden.

    • says

      Sheesh, I don’t know why the link broke to FB – it’s the same ol’ page! I used to have very spotty corn germination until I started planting pretty thickly and covering the beds with row cover or wire to keep the birds out. :) I do have to thin, but at least I don’t have to replant anymore!

  9. Sue says

    Your lettuce looks so yummy. I planted some corn this year. It’s a type that you can plant in containers from Burpee. We’ll see what happens. Never planted corn or lettuce before. I started some lettuce too. Hope you can get caught up soon. Good luck.

  10. says

    I am a little late linking up today and there are already so many awesome posts to see!

    I’d love to grow my own yukon golds. I hope you get a great crop!

  11. says

    My first time joining the party, though I’ve been a fan for much longer. I’m starting my corns, too. Soaking them overnight right now. Supposedly, that will help germination. We’ll see!

  12. says

    Wow, I just can’t get over how much growing space you have!
    My snap peas that I started from seed are just getting their first flowers this week. Yay! And I’m tryin’ my tomatoes in pots this year. It was that or nothin’, ’cause I have a serious sun shortage in the ground. Ya know, ’cause all those dang perennials are hoggin’ up the space. :o)
    After two rounds of cucumber starts getting mowed down by the slugs, I planted batch three yesterday. If they don’t make it, it just wasn’t meant to be this year.
    Off to check out some links…..

  13. sakura says

    I have most of my garden in. We had weird weather this year, so I didn’t get lettuce in. The temps have been so up and down, it’s crazy. I’m going to see if I can find some that grow during the summer. I’m going to get my beets in tomorrow, finish planting 2 more tomato plants. I have 2 water melon plants and one crenshaw plant to get in the ground also. I’m hoping to get to the nursery and buy a couple of esperalia apple trees for a small area I have open. Only one of my rhubarb plants came back up so I’m going to put in a couple more if I can find them. I’ve cleared out a spot for some raspberries and if I’m lucky I’ll get 2 more grape vines in this year.

    • says

      Oooh, you’ve got big plans, Sakura! I like Jericho lettuce for warmer weather – it’s a romaine-type – and Summertime (a crisphead).

  14. Lauren says

    We finally planted our tomatoes and squash this weekend, as the nights were warmed up. And what do you know…40s last night. I am sad. :(

    I do have a question – your soaker hoses look like they behave so well. We fight ours every year, and they never want to go the way we want them to. Do your really just lay flat with no problem, or is there a secret to it?

    • says

      Once the soakers warm up in the sun, they lay pretty flat, Lauren – I do let them go sort of where they want (curve this way or that) or use a trellis to wrap it around, but mostly they’re well behaved, though I always lay them first and then plant to avoid broken plants. Hmmm, I wonder why yours aren’t?

  15. Lisa says

    I’ve never seen purple asparagus before – how does the taste differ from green? It’s very pretty. This is the first time I’ve seen pictures of your big garden space – how wonderful – you obviously get to spend lots of time out there. Your lettuces look beautiful.

    • says

      The purple asparagus doesn’t taste any different, Lisa – and it turns green when cooked, so it doesn’t even look different when we eat it! It does seem to grow thicker than my variety of green, though, and produces a lot.


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