Lamp Makeover, Pillows & Cabinet Styling {ORC Week 5}

Oh, man, I only have one week to complete the master bedroom One Room Challenge I started five weeks ago! I was visiting the coast last weekend, so I have some making up to do this weekend to be ready for the reveal next Thursday. My main project left is the duvet which I’ve decided to make with fabric remnants I already have. I’m going this route not only because it won’t cost anything (always a bonus), but mainly because I just can’t find a duvet that will go with everything else in the room. So I will be sewing this weekend.

Thrifted Lamp Makeover|An Oregon Cottage

I have managed to get a few more things checked off my list this week, including making over the thrift store lamps yet again. The silver I painted originally just never looked like mercury glass (unlike the mercury glass pumpkin that turned out perfectly) and the silver didn’t work as well in the room in my opinion. I searched in vain for coral spray paint (I saw coral painted lamps on another blog, but they didn’t say where they found the paint!), and then just painted them my standby Heirloom White (Rustoleum) for this makeover. It’s fine for now, but I’m going to still be on the look out for coral spray paint.

I decided to add burlap ribbon to the plain shades which I hot glued to both edges. The burlap left lots of fibers on the shades, but a lint roller got them all off beautifully. Have you ever used a lint-roller on your shades? It works a lot better than dusters which often just move the dust bunnies from spot to spot. The roller cleans them perfectly.

Coral bed pillow on An Oregon Cottage

I made a lumbar pillow for the bed using Premier Gotcha fabric ordered from It’s a super simple envelope pillow that took me about 20 minutes. This really is a dark coral – not red or orangey-red like this photo suggests. I’m sure finding coral hard to photograph.

Burlap Bolster on An Oregon Cottage

This burlap bolster was super easy to make – sew one straight line to close a rectangle cut to size, stick the bolster inside and tie the ends with ribbon. I think this one took 10 minutes. It helped that I used a thrifted bolster (you can always find ugly bolsters there and since they are so easy to cover, I’d never buy a new insert).

I’m actually not sure I like it with the graphic coral fabric, but I thought it would tie into the edging on the shades. We’ll see.

Bedroom cabinet vignette on An Oregon Cottage

Here’s the cabinet I styled to replace the worn-out dried bouquet on this cabinet. There are some dark brown-black elements around the room that I thought this thrifted lantern would help tie together on this wall. I find that corralling items on trays helps it seem less cluttery. Since this is our bedroom, I like to have things that are meaningful to me, so this composition includes a colored pencil drawing from my daughter and her incredible clay flowers that I love, plus a box from one of my sisters and a candle holder from my sister-in-law.

This cabinet top styling came together effortlessly and I really like it. My cluttered dresser top is proving to be a bit more bothersome. Still working on that and pinning styling ideas to my Cottage Style board. Also rethinking my plate wall – I love it but it is a bit busy for me in the bedroom. I’m going to edit it some and then I think it will go better with the art wall. I was also disappointed to find that my windows aren’t sized standard, so I’d have to foot the bill for custom blinds, which isn’t in the budget right now, so I’m going to stick with what I have…probably.

I’m excited to show you the ‘big’ reveal next week in the grand finale and to check more off my list (I wonder if that’s the real reason I’m enjoying this?).

Master Bedroom To-Do List:
  1. Add a fun plate wall over the bed in shades of white, green, and coral.
  2. Repaint lamp bases.update: foiled in my attempt to find coral spray paint – onto plan B
  3. Add interesting texture to lamp shades or stencil them.
  4. Make a decorative pillow with a graphic coral fabric for the bed.
  5. Create an art wall with the original art we’ve collected through the years at thrift stores (remember when Brian made this funny video about his thrifted ‘bad art’ collection?)
  6. Make or buy a new duvet. update: piecing a new duvet out of fabric stash….
  7. Find a basket to fit under the antique sewing machine/nightstand.
  8. Add a coral pillow to the chair.
  9. Edit the dresser to be less cluttery.
  10. Purchase bamboo blinds? Or attempt to clean roman shades?
  11. Paint or just remove lamp in corner {I don’t really use it}.
  12. Rehang the mirror on our door.
  13. Replace the dusty, years-old dried flowers from the backyard with something –anything – else.
  14. Add 10/17: Replace thrifted art wall with family photos…maybe.


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  1. Kari J. says

    Jami –
    I’m not sure if this will be helpful, but I just happened to have a blog post bookmarked showcasing a coral & gold painted side table. The blogger is Cheryl from Tidy Mom and I’m pretty sure the post was just this past Sept. 5. She used Krylon Coral Isle spray paint. It’s hard to tell from the pictures if this coral shade might be too pink to go with your bedroom color, but figured it was at least something. :)
    Love what you did with the top of your cabinet — how special to have artwork from your daughter included. Can’t wait to see your duvet!

  2. says

    Lookin’ good! Doesn’t if feel good to have your room so nice and clean and refreshed? I feel like ours is the last to get any attention, but when it does, I get a great night’s sleep. At least for a week. :)

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