A Late Summer Bouquet

I just had to share this beautiful bouquet. I asked my daughter to find something blooming in the yard for the table centerpiece and this is what she came up with.

Wow. She’s good.

I believe that flowers are an important part of the frugal lifestyle.


You read that right. I just think flowers bring such beauty to our world that they can lighten our hearts and remind us of all God’s incredible creation. All at about $2.50 for an entire plant that blooms year after year (the purple flower), or .25 cents for the annual cosmos.

It’s just bonus that we need them for the bees that polinate all our food.

The purple flower is “Blue Mist Shrub” (Caryopteris) and the mason bees LOVE it. Then my daughter added the white cosmos and some of the fern from the cosmos. And I think she found the perfect vase to set them both off.

This time of year, most of what’s blooming are hot colors like the yellows of black-eyed susans, bright purple of asters, and hot pink dahlias.

This is a nice change. Quite and composed.

It lifts my spirits every time I walk by.






  1. Shyra says

    Oh so pretty! I agree about the flowers…they really do lift the spirit, especially when they come from you own yard! I especially love the frangrance they bring. Tell your talented daughter she did a great job!

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