March Garden Craziness- Tuesday Garden Party


I know from past experience that we often get wild and crazy weather in March. It’s our daughter’s birthday month which makes it easy to remember that we’ve celebrated her birthday in sunshine as well as snow and hail.

But it’s always weird to me. Especially since last week the rest of the country enjoyed record high temperatures (what’s up with that?). Two weeks ago we did have a few days of 60-degree weather- one day even reached 68 at our house. So I planted a few rows of cool-season spinach, carrots, beets, and radishes.

This is what it looked like on Sunday:

That’s a hail and snow mix and it’s still coming down in the photo even though it’s hard to see. The temperature was 38, though, so it melted soon after, but continued to come down intermittently.

Curious how my garden was faring, I ventured out to the vegetable beds:

Some asparagus is emerging. Last year I lost a lot of these first tips to frost, so I covered them with leaves two weeks ago.

What- you don’t see a pile of leaves? Yeah- we’ve just had two major storms with lots of wind. So much for that idea. Hope they make it.

I really was surprised to see a number of beets sprouting (next to the ice!).


None of the spinach has come up yet, though.

Lots of radishes have sprouted, too! But as I looked down the bed I found this:


Uprooted little radish seedlings! Huh? Would the weather have caused this? It doesn’t seem like any type of critter damage, but I was surprised that weather would make them come completely out of the ground. Have any of you ever experienced this?

And how are you all dealing with the weird weather (even if it’s the hot kind!)?


  1. says

    We plant our cold weather crops in the fall. It’s so hot I already have veggies that are bolting. I’m not quite sure what to make of the unusual weather. Technically it’s too early to plant summer stuff but weather wise I should get a move on!

    Not sure what happened to your radish seeds?

  2. says

    This is a weird month! We are 20 degrees higher than normal! I am excited to see all the wonderful spring blooms! It is just too hot too soon! BTW my daughter’s birthday is in March too – unpredictable too :)
    Thanks for hosting,

  3. says

    I hear you about the snow, sun and goofy weather we’ve been having here! But good for you for getting some seeds in already–I am going to try to do some tough seeds–arugula, beets, swiss chard–next weekend, which is supposed to be sunny–we’ll see.

  4. SchneiderPeeps says

    I do hope your asparagus makes it. I’ve never seen seedlings pulled up like that. I guess it could be from the weather. Thanks for hosting I’m excited to see what everyone’s up to in their gardens.

  5. says

    Busy day, will try to catch up tomorrow. Having soup and artisan bread for dinner. Guests are coming, a young family who are moving to Sacramento. Their kitchen is already packed!

  6. Lexa says


    I had the exact same thing happen with my first sowing of radish seed last spring. It turned out the little finches were pulling them up ( but not eating them!). I had to cover the row with a tunnel of remay for about two weeks until they got big enough, and then the birds left them alone. Great job with all you have accomplished in this weather. I still haven’t been able to plant yet. Please, just a little sunshine here :)

    • Jami @ An Oregon Cottage says

      Ah…birds! Don’t know why I didn’t think of that, Lexa, but you’re so right. That’s what it is! Next time I’ll cover.

      Not that it matters now, because we’ve got 5 inches of snow covering everything here today. On March 21. In “mild” Willamette Valley. Can’t believe the weather got even weirder!

  7. Beth says

    And now (Wednesday morning) I’ll be your garden , like mine, is COVERED in snow! Are we in Missoula, MT or the southern Willamette Valley? This March weather is extraordinary!

  8. says

    We had three inches of snow on Sunday…now it is in the mid 60’s. I am restraining myself from doing anything in the garden besides weeding. I know we will be getting some more cold freezes and it is way too early to plant…no matter what it feels like today.

    Thanks for the link-up.

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