A Mother’s Thoughts

My 16 year-old son (who turns 17 this June) had his school Prom on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. I don’t know what it was about these two events together, but it really brought home to me one of the mysteries of motherhood.

When I think about him, I tend to see something like this:

A sweet, dimpled boy happy to wear his Mickey Mouse ears and please his momma.

The reality is this:

This is some handsome man that lives with us, one who we are very proud of and blessed to be able to call our son. He is smart, kind and loving, and, well…a man.

No amount of parenting books or videos prepares you for this, trust me.





  1. says

    Your flowers are beautiful, I can’t wait to see the flowers that have bloomed at my house!

    Just wait until he graduates high school…I know that was tough for my mom!

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