My Favorite Summer Planter

I was late getting my planters potted up this year. I try to do it in May, but our weather was so bad and I was busy with our son’s graduation and the year-end things I do with my Preschool class that I didn’t get to the pots.

Then it was time for the graduation party- to be held in our backyard- and the pots couldn’t wait. I found myself at the local store (not even a nursery!) picking out anything I could find on sale that would work in the pots I needed.

As you might imagine, that never bodes well and most of my pots are just ho-hum and not very inspiring. Except for one.

I grabbed these two perennials I knew were long bloomers and thought I’d put them in the pot and then be able to plant them in the yard when they stopped blooming.

They haven’t stopped blooming and they probably will go until fall. The tall one with the arching pink blossoms is Guara and the low-growing purple is a perennial verbena called “Homestead Purple.”

I love this combination and I’ve gotten tons of comments on it. It’s showy and colorful. Everyone wants to know what the arching plant is, even though I’ve had one planted in the backyard border for three years. Moving them front and center brings the attention, that’s for sure.

Hopefully all their attention will be on this pot and not the rest of the woeful-looking planters.

And here’s a garden mantra I’m thankful for: “There’s always next year…”


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  1. says

    These flower pots look beautiful! Thanks for stopping by our Canning Party. You were right, the linky wasn’t supposed to go down till later so I went in and got it back up and entered your link for you. That looks delish and I will definitely hold on to this recipe for when my next batch of tomatoes is ready.

  2. Jami @An Oregon Cottage says

    Thanks Melissa, I did!

    Oh, thanks Ott, A for doing that! There are some great recipes in the link-up I’m looking forward to trying!

  3. Melissa + Tiffany @ Home Grown Families says

    Thanks for linking up with Home Grown Families Friday Blog Hop.
    We’re following you now! Come follow us back :)

  4. Jeralee says

    They look lovely! My verbena are really just starting to look nice as well. That was definitely a wet, wet, soggy Spring.

  5. Hilary says

    They are so pretty. We didn’t have much luck with the flowers we planted this year -thanks to the heat wave. But somehow, a few sets of impatients bloomed on their own, and they are beautiful!

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