My New Favorite Shoes

Sketchers Bikers-Favorite Shoe

This is way different for me here, but I find I just have to share about my new favorite shoes! I did a lot of searching for a comfortable but good-looking shoe to wear before we left for Greece and Kosovo, and let me tell you, comfort and cute do not usually go together! I found the ugliest shoes – and for ridiculously large amounts of money – when I searched for walking shoe, traveling shoe or comfortable shoe/flat.

Not only was I looking for comfort, I needed the shoes to go with different outfits, since we were traveling with only carry-on luggage. That meant jeans, capris and skirts. Yep, I really started out thinking I could find a comfortable shoe that looked good with skirts that wasn’t a sandal (Greece and Kosovo in April are often rainy).

After buying 2 pairs of black flats locally and ordering 3 pairs from Amazon (thank you free returns for shoes!), enduring blisters and squished toes, I was about to give up. Then I stumbled on this awesome shoe made by Skechers that’s inexplicably from their ‘bikers’ line of shoes. I mean, do they look like biking shoes? (And these links are my affiliate links – if you buy them, I thank you! But really, I think you’ll be thanking me back if you buy them!).

They’re called Skechers Women’s Bikers-Scrunchy Ruched Open-Toe Skimmer and here’s the deal: $30. Yep, truly. And they come in other colors, too – the brown is tempting me as I write this. There are about 75 reviews and the rating is 4-1/2 stars, and if you’ve ever searched for shoes, you know how good this is.

The ruching gives them a bit of polish, but the tennis-shoe-type sole keeps them comfortable. I wasn’t sure about the sole at first – from the side it seemed to look a bit odd  – but on you don’t notice it and others don’t, either.

sketchers bikers shoes

Let me just say: they are super comfortable – I walked all over the Acropolis and the surrounding Plaka in Athens while wearing them – and they are really cute. I get compliments on them all the time.

In other words, I have to share them with all my female readers (the majority to be sure, but I do have a few male readers)! If anything, just to spare you the time you might spend looking for a pair of good looking, comfortable shoes.

But I also want you to look good, too – so there.

Click here to look at the shoes, read the reviews, and buy them. And then make sure to come back and tell me what you think after you’ve worn them – I think you’re gonna love them, obviously, but I want to make sure!

Oh, and there are other shoes in this bikers line – here are two others I think would be good as well, but I just can’t vouch for them:

Skechers Womens Bikers Adorable Open Toe Flat

Skechers Bikers Bloom Womens Flats (a closed-toe flat)




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  1. Sakura says

    Jami, I’ve had that exact pair for a couple of years now and I still wear them. My other favorite running around shoes are the Sketcher Go Walk shoes.

  2. Heather says

    So would a girl with really, really wide feet still find these comfortable? I’m always looking for comfortable shoes that my wide feet would enjoy! And it is not always easy…and unfortunately it seems that one of our three children may have inherited this trait. The challenge of non flip flop shoes that work…

    • says

      Hmmm, not having wide feet I don’t know, Heather. They aren’t tight at all, though. Since Amazon offers free return on shoes, it may be worth a try for you to see if they would work for you. They may even have a wide size – I didn’t even look.:)

    • Sakura says

      Heather, I have wide feet and they work fine for me. Seems like the more kids I have the bigger my feet get! I think you’ll really like them.

    • says

      All you have to do, Sharon, is click on one of the highlighted links through my blog and it will take you to the Amazon page and record somewhere in their vast universe that you came from me. If you purchase them, I’ll get a few cents. :) Thanks so much – I hope you do like them! But remember, Amazon has free returns, so if you don’t you’re not out anything. I’m confident you will, though.

  3. Sandy says

    Have these and LOVE them. When I first saw them I couldn’t decide if they were cute or ugly. Then I tried them on. Definitely cute!

  4. Lynn C says

    I have such a difficult time finding comfortable shoes and these are so cute. I’ve ordered a pair and will see how they go. I have difficulty putting on my own shoes so usually wear slip-ons…I think these might work, tho.

  5. says

    This post could not have come at a better time!! My hubs and I are going to Vienna, Austria for three weeks to see our daughter/son in law/grandson. I wanted something that I could do a lot of walking in that wouldn’t be so darn ugly! Thanks! I am off to go through your link to check them out. Sweet!

  6. prairie says

    They are darling! :) Alright! I ordered 2 pr in two sizes…. something’s going back, but I hope not all of them.

  7. says

    Jami- I ordered these because they looked like something flat and cute that I could wear…they came in the mail today and I am walking around the house in them! I have pretty big feet- size 10- and I almost cried with relief at how comfortably that the shoes fit! I got the pewter but now I am going to order a couple more pairs! Thanks for this suggestion! I usually never buy shoes online since my feet are large and wide but these are perfect!!! They also look very cute with my neon pink pedicure :)

  8. Jess says

    Jami, might try those. I just got back from a trip to Quebec and most of the time I wore my very comfortable but not so fashionable KEEN black slip-one.
    The are so comfortable and great for hiking and wading in water!

  9. linda says

    Bought them in pewter (to match my favorite blender) :)
    Wore them to church and work and I LOVE THEM!!!!! Thank you!!!!! :)

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