A New Floor

Finally! We were able to pull out all the hideous, stained, tannish-white, 20-year-old carpet and replace it with a prefinished, engineered wood floor.

I cannot explain to you how happy and relived I am to have that carpet gone. Relived? Yeah- I seriously didn’t know what was lurking in that carpet. It just really grossed me out.

In fact, it must’ve been so bad that I subconsciously didn’t want a good picture of it, so I don’t have an up-close picture, just a whole living room view shortly after we moved in and painted everything. We laid a floral wool rug on top to try and minimize the old carpet.

It took Brian and our friend, Dan, (who’s helped us with so many remodeling jobs), just a day to lay the entire floor. The hardest part was making a frame around the brick hearth, and after that it went quickly.

We had saved cash over a number of months to buy wood flooring, but then we couldn’t find anything with a price tag we were willing to pay. There are just too many other things to do around here to be spending $800-1,000 on the floor. After haunting Craigslist for months, we finally found 300 square feet of prefinished, dark-stained, engineered hardwood.

The price? One dollar a square foot! Actually, a bit less because the sellers threw in all their scraps, which amounted to a lot of usable extra pieces. It isn’t my dream floor, but it met the three criteria I had: prefinished, real wood, and darker stain.

You might also notice our other big change- the new, smaller armoire for the TV. The old one was too big for the space and extended beyond the wall, which always bugged me. We’ve had it for 20 years, so I was sad to see it go, but this size is so much nicer. Between it and the floor, the living room seems a lot bigger.

We found the TV cabinet at a thrift store for $100, which I think was a good deal. I love the details on it and the fact that the doors slide inside for TV viewing, but I’m not so impressed with the yellow pine color. It really seems to scream, “I don’t belong!” I’m probably going to paint it- white or green – and distress it, but in all honesty, not any time soon.

Here’s another shot I found that shows a little more of the “before” floor.

And the lovely after.

Since we had been planning the new floor since February, I had already researched rugs and decided I wanted a wool-jute blend rug for that natural texture look, but softer with the added wool. Of course PB has one for about $500 for the size I needed (this is 9′ x 11′), but I actually found one through Home Decorators for only $200.

It’s been sitting in our garage for a couple months, and it was so nice to be able to put the rug down and the furniture back all in the same day.

In the end, we got a new floor, a new rug, and a new TV cabinet all for less than the cost of just flooring if we had bought it in the stores.

I just love Craigslist, thrift stores, and discount catalogs, don’t you?


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  1. Cecile says

    Your new room looks fantastic! Congratulations and BROVO for all your creative talent and to your husband & friend for their hard work.

  2. says

    Ohhhh, so pretty!!! I LOVE new hardwood floors! I was lucky enough to find wood when I ripped out the carpet here, but they beg to be refinished. “Someday”. Congrats on crossing a major item off the to-do list. :o)

  3. says

    Wow, that turned out so beautiful. I LOVE wood floors 😉 :) That was a great choice and what a savings :) :)

    I’ve never purchased or sold anything on Craigslist yet. I”m not comfortable giving my phone number on that site…but I do have stuff to sell.

    In any case, that’s awesome, what you did with the floor and all the money you saved :) :) that’s the best :) :) Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  4. says

    Jami, I love the new look! (I didn’t think it looked bad before, but this is way better.)

    I can easily picture your new TV cabinet painted white. I know you’ll do something with it when time allows or the inspiration bug bites!

  5. says

    The new flooring is beautiful. I love the dark color.

    I’ve been meaning to thank you for sharing the wonderful Individual Berry Crisp recipe some time ago. I seem to have some of that in the fridge almost all the time. I make 6 servings out the recipes 4, so it cuts the calories a bit for us. It’s good no matter what fruit combo I use. It’s one of our favorites!

  6. Jami @An Oregon Cottage says

    CAS- Thank you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the fruit crisp recipe- our family does, too. :-)

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