New Gazebo Furniture

While we’re continuing to work on painting our trim and walls (the floors have cured and we get to move the furniture back today!), I thought I’d share a fun update to our gazebo. When I posted about our major backyard makeover last fall the gazebo looked like this:

gazebo Sept-2012

While I love our antique ice cream parlor chairs, they aren’t really lounge-worthy, are they? And I had visions of lounging in the gazebo with a glass of ice tea and a good book, so my idea was always to find a comfy, cushioned love seat or chairs to add to the space. But of course you can guess I didn’t want to pay full price, so I didn’t even start looking until I thought there’d be clearance sales happening, which I thought would be the end of July.

Um, hello? Most sets were gone by the time I finally started looking! Granted, I had a bunch on my plate this last spring and early summer (our trip and my father-in-law’s illness), so I wasn’t thinking much about patio furniture, but I was kinda shocked that there was so little left in my price range.

After two weeks of looking, I turned to the internet and ordered a set for $300 (I had already discovered it would be more cost effective to get a conversation set than just a love seat) even though I didn’t like the cushions (they were really light colored) and the reviews said they flew off in the wind without velcro attachments. But there wasn’t much else.

While waiting for the set to be delivered to the store, my daughter and I went to pick raspberries and on the way home had to stop by an Albertson’s store for freezer pectin (my daughter was making it and wanted the ‘regular’ jam, not ‘weird’ no pectin-honey jams, ha!).

Lo, and behold, what is the first thing I see went I walk into this grocery store?

Gazebo Patio Furniture

A cushy patio set with nicer cushions that all velcroed on for $100 less than the set I had on order!! Can you believe it – in a grocery store of all places – who’d have thought to look there? You can bet I made a bee-line to the customer service where I found that it was the last set available. We wasted no time buying it and getting it home and canceling our other order!

I’m so happy about this purchase, even though the frames are a bit more modern than I’d normally go for (it’s a Waverly set I had seen online for twice the price). It is SO nice to sit out there now – reading and relaxing just how I envisioned.

Gazebo rustic coffee table

And remember this rusted framed coffee table Brian retrofitted with old barn wood? I love it, of course, and kept it instead of using the metal and glass table that came with the set (which found a nice home with my brother). And to top it off, we found another rusted stand that we transformed into a ‘matching’ side table:

Barn Wood-Metal Side Table

This was a rusted plant stand that my mother didn’t want anymore. We got rid of the old top and used more of the barn wood, cut to fit, for a new top.

Rustic Coffee-Side Tables

Don’t they look great together? Adds that bit of rustic-vintage I love (and of course free is always the right price!).

I struggled a bit with the placement of the bulky furniture in the small space until our east-coast aunt was visiting and suggested angling the love seat in the corner, which made the space come together perfectly!

Patio and Gazebo 8-13

The only thing I wasn’t sure about was the fact that the style and finish of the new gazebo furniture was so different from our old patio table set. I think because it’s in the gazebo, it’s okay, but I figure if it really bugs me in the future I can always spray the new metal frames black to coordinate a bit better. In the meantime I found outdoor fabric with black, brown, and green stripes that I plan on using for pillows to help bring it all together.

So what do you think – pretty good find, huh? And I get a bit kick out of telling people I found our patio set at a grocery store! Have you ever bought furniture at a grocery store?



  1. Shannon says

    That looks fantastic! I was at Safeway yesterday and a woman was walking along side a clerk pushing her new patio set to the checkout. She was grinning like the Cheshire Cat at the great price. Can’t blame her a bit!!

  2. Gay says

    Your gazebo looks great! I think that if you change the colour of your umbrella of your patio set to a darker shade of your new furniture cushions or even a charcoal colour to match the metal of your tables, it will draw the two spaces together. Isn’t it great when pieces are found unexpectantly!?

  3. Judy Morrow says

    That looks so cozy and inviting, and I loved the story behind it. It made me smile, as I purchased a wooden chaise lounge at Safeway several years ago for half price. I happened upon it while grocery shopping, and, yes, like you, I was surprised to find outdoor furniture at the grocery store!

  4. Dee says

    I think it looks really nice. Consider this, we no longer what ‘matchy matchy’ finishes inside our homes so the same applies to outdoors. My courtyard has new table and chairs different color and finish from the back patio table set. And the far end of back patio seating is real wicker and bright sunbrella cushions and rug….it all works. Different areas and feel. When everything matches it’s the dated look our mothers chose. You did a great job. I also found great garden umbrellas as Albertson at the beginning of the season, nice umbrella and great price. So what good books are you reading there ?

    • says

      I’m needing a good book, Dee! Right now I’m catching up on my magazines after finishing Tina Fey’s book (yeah, a little late to that party…), which was kinda disappointing to me and not as funny as I thought. Have you read something good lately?

      • Dee says

        I’m always late to the party with books and movies, but enjoy them all the same. I did read a great book this summer and recommend it. Jennifer Worth’s memoirs which is the basis for the BBC series “Call the Midwife”. I don’t remember if the book title is the same but easy to search for the title. I utilize my local public library. Loved the book and the series. The third season starts at year end or maybe Jan. for us here in the states. On another note I hope the good weather holds in Portland and Salem area next week. I’m house hunting in Portland area and touching bases with friends in Salem area.

        • says

          Ooh – thanks, Dee, I might try that one as I’ve heard so many good things about the series and have tried to watch it 2-3 times, but I end up just being depressed. It seems like a good story, though – maybe reading it will be better. :)

  5. Kathy says

    It looks great! Love the coffee table and side table, they look eclectic and wonderful. Glad you made it home in time to cancel the other order……

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