November Sad Saturday: Burnt Caramel

Welcome to the third Sad Saturday where we share our, um “learning experiences.”

Right. Let’s hope I learn not to do this again: A few weeks ago I was making my apple dip caramel sauce for our annual apple tasting. There’s a point in the recipe where you’ve got to stir constantly. As in, don’t do anything else.

That’s really hard for me, which was fairly obvious since it was written in big letters on the recipe, “BURNS EASILY.”

Apparently, it’s still hard for me. And so I ended up with this:

Lots of brown burnt flecks in the caramel (I’m not showing the thick layer of burnt brown on the bottom of the pan- you’ve just got to use your imagination).

It’s not in me to throw something away (OK, if I can help it- there was one time this was burnt so bad there was nothing else to do but toss it- probably when I wrote the big letters), so I proceeded to filter it through a mesh drainer, thinking the larger brown pieces would be left behind.

And you know what? I can deal with a few flecks.

Not so sad after all.




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