An Oregon Cottage On The Road: Video of Breckenridge, CO

We’ve been enjoying a few days in Breckenridge, Colorado, thanks to the Savvy Bloggy Summit and rewards points that provided Brian’s free ticket (and mine, too) so he could tag along.

And before I hear from Dear Ramsey fans about credit cards and why those tickets weren’t free, I’ll just say we use it for our regular things and it’s the same as using a debit card for us- the receipts go right into the budget.

SO, back to Colorado. Have I ever mentioned that I spent a summer working at a dude ranch about a couple of hours north of Breckenridge in college? Most people I tell this to don’t know what a dude ranch is, but it’s basically a (really) nice resort where you can ride horses as well as do other resort-y things. It’s very expensive, but families that can afford it make yearly trips.

It was a very interesting experience, and an exhausting one as I was in housekeeping. Let’s just say I learned a lot of things that make me think about how I leave hotel rooms now.

Plus the important skill of being able to make the end of the toilet paper into a little triangle.

We thought you might enjoy a video of some things we did while in Breckenridge:

Click here to see Breckenridge: On The Road With “An Oregon Cottage” full size on YouTube.





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    So CUTE!!! I watched the video and now I know what you and hubby look like!! You are a good looking couple.. I’m a Dave Ramsey fan…but no worries…you won’t be hearing anything from me on the matter of money…NOPE…How fun…I’ve always wanted to visit Colorado…Your video is really well put-together!!! Have a great rest of the trip!!!! Love and hugs, Heather :) :) :)

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