Our Dog

Let me tell you a little about our dog.

  1. I did not want a dog, but we promised the kids one when we moved.
  2. We were looking for a small to medium sized dog who would live outside most of the time.
  3. Our dog is not small to medium and lives inside most of the time.
  4. Our dog came via my Dad who rescued him from wandering their neighborhood in Central Oregon.
  5. He arrived at our house on Thanksgiving weekend 3 years ago.
  6. We named him Samson.
  7. He’s about a hundred pounds and sheds like mad, so the name is appropriate.
  8. Since he was rescued, we can only guess at his age (4) and his breed (Swiss Mountain Dog and Lab mix).
  9. He chewed everything in sight the first year. And I mean everything, including wood molding, flip flops, and those “weather resistant” planters.
  10. He never leaves our sight, never runs too far ahead, and the one time he dug out of the backyard, he dug right back in when he couldn’t find us.
  11. He runs so fast, he can knock you over (and has).
  12. His “master” is Brian and he LOVES him.

13. He also shows his love to us all, and lets us use him as a pillow. This helps soften the blow to my daughter who thought the dog was going to be her dog.

14. He’s a really kooky dog and does stuff like this when he’s comfortable.

Or this.

15. He stretches out his front legs so straight that Brian has dubbed this pose “Super Dog” (as in “flying through the air with the greatest of ease”).

16. Newcomers who are lucky enough to see this pose always crack up- it pretty funny to see.

17. Having a dog is not frugal. I think Dear Ramsey says to get rid of them (in his subtle way).

18. He’s wormed his way into our hearts (yes, even my heart) and our life and we will gladly give up other things in order to have him.

Though when it’s time for the “poop patrol” I remind everyone that I didn’t want a dog.



  1. Anonymous says

    Love the stories about your dog. I have two (80 lbs and 100 lbs) and they are my shadows, every time I get up and walk around the house. One sheds a lot. I adore them. I confess I had “dog crazies” like some moms have baby crazies. Somehow, I knew it would be true love. Glad you found yours!

  2. says

    What a handsome hound, he is perfect. We have always had a dog and feel very strange when staying with dogless families. Our current dog is a rescue boy and now v. old but he just gives us so much love – nothing better than a furry chin resting on your knee to lift the spirits.

  3. says

    Love it. Funny, I stumbled across this post directly after reading a bit of advice on The Prudent Homemaker that said “Get rid of your pets, unless they are a food source (chickens, goats, pigs, cows).”
    I gasped out loud. It is true that we feed our dog some high quality, fairly costly food. It is also true that he requires doctor’s visits just like the rest of the family. But I don’t need any expensive sources of entertainment, because just like you, I can watch the crazy positons he wiggles into, I can cuddle up and bury my face in his soft, earthy-smelling fur, I can enjoy my time just doing nothing with him.
    So worth it.

    Love the blog, BTW. Keep up the great work!

  4. Jami@ An Oregon Cottage says

    Thanks for the fellow dog stories!

    Lauren- I never thought of that. :-)

    Keri- Well, the Prudent Homemaker is certainly…practical. Each to his own, I guess. Like you, I think there is a certain amount of emotional well-being that pets bring to our lives that is, shall we say, “priceless.”

  5. Bev 2 Big dogs Mom says

    Just found your site and it is terrific…saw the blog titled “Our Dog” and loved it…we too have dogs and they truly make life worth while…best sleep ever is when one of them is cuddled next to you…Bliss!!! I love all of your good ideas…thanks so much!!!

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