Tuesday Garden Party 10.14.14

TGP Features 10-14-14

Welcome, I’m glad you’re here! If you’re new, you may want to subscribe to get our email updates so you won’t miss any of our easy recipes & diy projects! Thanks so much for visiting!The weather people are telling us this is the last of our nice fall weather for awhile and that we’ll be […]

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Friday Photos 10.10.14

October Anemone and Asters - An Oregon Cottage

Can you all believe it’s October and the holidays are right around the corner? Seems like we were just talking all things summer. At least we had a wonderfully warm summer here in the Willamette Valley, so I’m ready for some cozy fall days snuggled under a throw in front of a warm fire (which […]

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Wood Stump Side Table

DIY Wood Stump Side Table - An Oregon Cottage

Hey there, friends! I haven’t talked decorating in awhile (except for my fall updates, but that’s a bit different, since it’s temporary) because I’m actually in a bit of a transition after selling a lot of my furniture in our big garage sale. I’m using the money from that to buy things I truly love […]

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Tuesday Garden Party 10.07.14

TGP Featured Posts Collage October.3

Happy Tuesday, friends! We are in the midst of a mind-boggling October ‘heat-wave’ of 80 degree temps for the last few days – and oh my, is it fun to be in the garden! We’re enjoying our second wave of tender Emerite pole beans and there are still some tomatoes that are ripening on the […]

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Garden Chores For October

Garden Chores For the Month of October - An Oregon Cottage

October in our yards and gardens is a beautiful month with final harvests, all those fall colors, and the full transition from summer to fall. There might be an ‘Indian Summer’ where we’ll get some sunshine and temperatures in the 70s to enjoy all those lovely colors and jump into piles of leaves, but there’s […]

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Soft 100% Whole Wheat Rolls Video

Video Tutorial - How to Make Soft 100 Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls by An Oregon Cottage

Brian and I have wanted to shoot a recipe tutorial for you all for awhile now and what better AOC recipe to start with than our soft whole wheat dinner rolls, one of our most popular recipes ever? I have answered a lot of questions about this recipe over the years, but with hundreds of […]

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