Garden Season Extenders- Using Cloches, Covers, and Cold Frames

Different Season Extenders for the Garden can help you plant earlier and harvest later.

Originally published in 2011 for a Tuesday Garden Party (like this post), I’ve rewritten it with updated photos and links because for those of us in the north (even in temperate climates like the Pacific Northwest), season extenders in the garden allow us to grow crops of warm-weather plants like tomatoes and peppers longer- I use them […]

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Tuesday Garden Party 4.14.15

Tuesday Garden Party Features 4-14-15

Happy Tuesday! Ready for your weekly does of garden eye-candy? Seriously, did you check out all the links at last week’s party? You can tell the spring is in full swing and gardening, planting, flowers, and vegetables are on people’s minds! Our weekend was kinda rainy and dreary, but everything is blooming and loving the […]

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