Ready, Set…Garden: New Seed Starting Basics Page

Ready Set Garden - Garden Basics at An Oregon CottageWith all the cold, damp, and icy weather is anyone else dreaming of spring yet? I am SO ready…now all we have to wait for is the calendar to cooperate (for us in the north that is). Well, and the weather I guess.

In anticipation of spring, warmer weather, and diggin’ in the dirt – not to mention the season-opening Tuesday Garden Party on March 4!! – I wanted to highlight a couple of posts that may help you prepare for your garden this year, including:

I’m also happy to finally have a new seed starting basics page that holds all of AOC’s links to the posts I’ve written about starting seeds – everything from why and  how to start your own seeds to how to take care of them and plant them. Here’s how to find this page:

Seed Starting Basics Drop Down Menu

  1. Hover your mouse/cursor over “Organic Gardening” in the purple menu bar.
  2. Move your mouse down to “Seed Starting Basics” and click.
  3. The new page will open and all your seed-starting questions will be answered (ha, in my dreams!!).

Pretty easy, huh? That’s actually how to navigate a lot of the information that’s housed on AOC – and there’s a lot after 5 years of blogging! I’m working on other pages that will allow you to easily find more of our information which I hope to have done over the next month, including a comprehensive Vegetable 101 page and Easy Care Garden Design.

The only thing I ask is that you please bear with me on the oldest posts – they are from the dark ages of blogging when the photos were small and the words were in large chunks. I am slowly trying to update the most important but it takes a long time. Really. The information is still spot-on, though, and with regards to gardening and seed starting is the easy way I do both. Thank you for your patience, sweet readers!






  1. swissie3 says

    Wow Jami, you did it again. I got all my seed packets out this weekend and am so looking forward to planting but don’t really have much of a clue when it comes to growing from seed – it has been very hit and miss. And then you pop up with this great advice. I think because our terrain must be pretty similar (I am at 800 metres) our growing seasons can’t be too different. Anyway, I think you must have read my mind so thanks (again) so much. Anna

    • says

      Wow, that’s awesome, Anna – I’m glad to help! We may be similar – how hot do your summers get? Ours are fairly mild with only a few days at 100 degrees (sorry, I don’t know the C equivalent!). Our winters are usually mild, too, with our last official frost in May and our first in October. So if your climate is similar, then my gardening dates and such will be the same. :)

  2. says

    Darn, it won’t open for me. When I hover over the purple bar it fades. So decided just to slide my cursor down over the seedling part and by that time it is faded, too. I can clidk til Christmas and it just ain’t happening. :/ I decided to trick it and come at it from the side but its one step ahead of me and fades again. Hmmm.

  3. says

    Oh I’m SO glad I found this website! I’m starting my first garden from seeds this year and I live in OR too so it’ll be so nice to get tricks and tips from someone else in the same(ish) climate!! Looking forward to exploring more!

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