New Recipe Index

I’m beyond excited today to share with you the newest feature at An Oregon Cottage: the all-new, updated pictorial Recipe Index!!! Yes, that’s three exclamation points, ’cause I’m that excited. I’ve long dreamed of a lovely-to-look-at recipe index where you guys could see all the recipes that have been posted over the life of the blog in one place. Easy to see, easy to scroll through, easy to navigate.

Since I want everyone to be able to find this and use it, I’m giving you a quick walk-through to help you access the new feature (though if you know all about this, feel free to skip on over to the Index and start scanning all the recipes – there were even some I had forgotten I had published!).

Recipe drop-down menu

Find the Recipes tab on the purple navigation bar. When you hover your cursor over the title, a drop-down menu will appear (no need to click). Move your cursor to the first category: Recipe Index. Click this box and it will take you to the main index page:

recipe index screen shot

Choose the recipe category you want to look through and click on the image. Let’s go to salads to see what it looks like:

index category page screenshot

Isn’t this awesome? Thumbnail photos of every salad and dressing post that’s been published on AOC! Sigh…I tell you, I’m seriously in love with this feature! When you find something that looks good (like this yummy noodle salad that makes me wish for warmer weather…), simply click on it and:

salad screenshot

Voila! You can see the recipe in all it’s glory. And that’s it – super easy, right?

Although I’m doing the official “unveiling” today, this has actually been live for a couple weeks so some of you may have already visited and noticed that there weren’t many recipes. It’s taken me this long just to get all the behind-the-scenes bloggy stuff up-to-date for each recipe before it could be added to the index.

AND, there are still more recipes that I will be putting up over the next few weeks in my largest categories: main dishes, desserts, and breads. So keep checking back if you don’t see something you remember from the blog. And of course you can always use the search box in the green navigation bar to find specific recipes, as well as the category tab in the welcome box on the side bar.

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to Jonah and Honey at HoneyComb Design Studio for helping me make this dream index come true. They are awesome and if you ever need design and/or tech work I highly recommend them!

I hope you enjoy this new feature – the last of the changes from AOC’s move from Blogger to WordPress last summer – and please let me know what you think! Do you love it as much as I do? Anything we forgot about? Something that doesn’t work?




PS – I almost forgot! Another super cool feature I’m adding to all past and future recipe posts is the easy print function! The actual recipes are now highlighted with a green border and a handy PRINT button located on the top left of the border. When you click on it, a print window pops up – another thing I LOVE! Have you tried it yet?


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