Rhubarb – Tuesday Garden Party


Well, gardening friends, did you get some outdoor time this last weekend? We had a break in the rain on Saturday and were able to get some outside painting done, which must’ve been dumb luck, ’cause it’s pouring now and the forecast is more rain.


Today, though, I want to talk about rhubarb. It’s been in season here for a month now – and I’ve only harvested it one time! I’ve got to “get my rhubarb on,” if you know what I mean- sheesh.

I didn’t grow up eating rhubarb, or knowing much about it in fact, but I have some recipes that I’ve come to love and now I wouldn’t have a garden without a patch of rhubarb.

I like it chopped in muffins or this Big Crumb Coffee Cake from Smitten Kitchen (to.die.for.). And last year we enjoyed dousing our grilled foods with Rhubarb-BBQ Sauce.

But my favorite way to preserve rhubarb is to make a simple rhubarb chutney. It’s good with Indian foods like curry and grilled chicken or beef, but it’s the best with pork. A dollop of this chutney on a pork loin chop? You won’t believe how good it is. Really.

I have a great recipe I plan on posting in the next few weeks- when I finally get it made for this year. Until then, what are your favorite rhubarb recipes? Feel free to leave a link in the comments if you’ve got one posted – I’m always on the look-out for more ways to use rhubarb!


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    That patch of rhubarb looks great. I cannot wait to get mine moved from the old house to here. One day I am hoping to have a harvest…..

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    The rhubarb looks great. I didn’t grow up with it either but a few years ago I discovered rhubarb and fruit pies. I maybe willing to try making some different things with it this summer. I’m seeing rhubarb all over the blogs :)

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    In Sundsvall there has been a constant rain. But I made a rhubarb pie and it tasted good with coffee. Soon time to pick up to freeze so I have access to the rhubarb in the winter. Rhubarb Chutney is delicious. I like Ochs jam where I mix rhubarb and strawberry. I wish you a great week! Zinnia

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    I grew up with rhubarb and finally planted one a couple of years ago. But it didn’t grow back this year, so I don’t know what I did to it or what happened, but I am really bummed. I thought rhubarb was pretty hardy, but something happened to mine. I’m going to have to plant another one.

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      Darn, sorry to hear that! I had a bit of trouble getting plants started when we first moved here (after no trouble at all in our city house), but after a few years of babying, they’ve always come back. I thought they were pretty hardy, too… :-(

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    I have never grown rhubarb – my only experience with it was several years back – a friend grew it and made a crumble – it was really good. I wonder if my gardening friend grows it here…I do appreciate you hosting I hope you have a wonderful day,

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    My grandma always had rhubarb in her garden and her specialty was strawberry/rhubarb pie. That is still the only way I have found that I like it. When I come visit you some day, I will have to try your chutney. :)

    We had a big rain yesterday but today the sun is out. Time to finish my planting…better late. Thanks for hosting the Garden Party.

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    My husband just cut our first crop of rhubarb this year as well! I cleaned it, chopped it, and froze it to use in pies — our favorite way to use it.

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    rhubarb just doesn’t grow here. I wish I had known before we moved. I have to bring it home in my luggage. I wonder what TSA thinks.

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    Hi Jami–Your rhubarb looks so beautiful. I don’t grow it here, simply because it tends to get pretty huge and I don’t have the extra room for a perennial vegetable like that. But I admire the plant and those that can grow it as well as you do! I have seen where some people take a large rhubarb leaf and use it as a form for a decorative leaf made from concrete that is used as an outdoor garden decoration–I’d love to try that sometime! And thank you for hosting the garden party today!

  10. Tami says

    I haven’t had good luck growing rhubarb…yet! Is that several plants together you have pictured or just one?

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      Lot’s of compost, consistent water, sun, and lot’s of room. When I tried to crowd them in with the strawberries, they didn’t like it.

      Oh, and you’ll need to baby them for the first couple of years, then they should be fairly care-free after established (unless you’re like Family Balance sheet who just said her’s died!).

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    I know nothing really about it..I have seen it but the thought always made me nerves because I have heard that the leave are poison. Your plants look great. Happy Tuesday with love Janice

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    Hi Jami! I just discovered your garden party too! It looks like a wonderful place to see amazing gardens. I added my link, I think.

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    Hi there I’m joining the party ~ thank you for hosting~… I’m your newest blog follower and I’m looking forward to reading more. Love your thoughts on “cottage mentality” … people really are whats important! xo HHL

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    I didn’t know about your garden linky until just today. :(
    I will sure be hooking up with you, tho.
    I am always thrilled to find another party….:))
    In fact, my post today is all about gardening and…POTTING BENCHES…heavy sigh…..
    xo bj

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