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I don’t regularly share shopping trips anymore (I was getting kinda bored with it, plus I don’t use coupons as much in grocery stores) but every once in awhile I have such savings using coupons, sales, and store promotions that I want to share so you all will be inspired to make some deals, too.

It’s usually at Rite Aid, too. Man, I can get some good deals at that store (see my How to Shop Rite Aid). I am kinda bummed that they seem to be replacing the Single Check Rebates with the +UP rewards which are just the same as Walgreens Register Rewards which expire within two weeks. Ugh. I hate having to remember these because I just don’t need to shop every week. Hopefully they’ll keep some of the rebates and gift card deals, ’cause they make it extra sweet!

But I do like the new Wellness card– not the part where I have to remember to hand it to them, but the fact that all the prices are cheaper than listed when you use it and when you accumulate a certain number of points by buying things, you get moved to the next level and save even more! This is a little tricky when I’m trying to get to the $25 amount to use the $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon, but I’m willing to be flexible. 😉

Like a couple days ago when I needed toilet paper. Rite Aid didn’t have a screaming deal on toilet paper, 12 big rolls for $6.49 (plus a $1 +UP reward). In fact, Albertson’s has Cottonelle this week for $4.99, so why didn’t I just buy it there?

Because I came up with this deal after seeing the coupons Rite Aid had in their sale flyer this week:

1 Charmin TP, $6.49 -$1/1 manufacturer coupon (mfc) that came in the mail =$5.49
2 C Booth lotions, $6.56 -(2) $6/1 RA coupons from the flyer = $1.12!!!
2 Clearasil products, $5.21 -(2) $3/1 RA flyer coupons + (2) $1/1 mfc (from Sunday Inserts)= $2.42
= $9.03
But wait!
I used a $5/$25 RA coupon (from Red Plum or Video Values) which they take before all coupons (love, love, love that) plus two $1 +UP rewards from a previous trip (yeah- I remembered!) for a grand total of:
$2.03 !!

Yeah, pretty cheap TP. Sorry Albertsons…

Are you getting any deals at Rite Aid? There’s still time today (if they have any items left…)


This is linked to Super Savings Saturday.





  1. Jennifer Barker says

    Don’t you just love the thrill of a good deal?! I do! I have a question though- I’ve seen in previous posts that you referenced something called a “catalina” coupon…what is that?

  2. says

    Jennier- Good question! A catalina coupon is one of those coupons that print out during checkout at the register. There is a separate machine that give them and it’s called a “Catalina” – hence the name. They are often shortened to just “cat” and if a store offers a “$10 off next shopping trip when you buy $25″ type of deal, the $10 will come out of the catalina machine. There are others that routines pop out, too.

    Jen- What? You’re not using Swagbucks yet? :-) It’s basically a search engine like Google, but when you set up your account and search, you earn “bucks” that can be redeemed for gifts. The best is a $5 Amazon gift card. It’s free things for doing regular searches (you can also do other things like polls, etc. to earn) so it’s very rewarding. Please look at my posts on it for more details (use the search bar at the top of my page and plug in Swagbucks!).

    Whoo-Hoo on the C. Booth score! I didn’t have time to hit any more stores, but it was a great deal! Thanks for the shout-out. :-)

  3. jen says

    Yes, I am wondering about the Catalina coupon as well. I have also heard about Swagbucks but haven’t quite figured that out yet. I love when you post deals like this!!!! I went to 2 different local RiteAid stores and bought 5 Booth products, they smell so good! Thanks a bunch for your neat blog! LOVE it!

  4. jen says

    I am definitely going to do the swagbucks ASAP!I will read your post 1st, though! I love reading your older posts…still working through them all. I also talked with a lady today at RiteAid and she told me about a $5 off $25 coupon you can do by watching video ‘commercials’ on their site. She said there are 4 deals like that available (1 time use each). Do you do those? Can’t wait to check it out. —I am a teacher also and am just loving your approach to frugal living and homemaking. My husband and I would like to have a baby in about a year and I am just ‘inhaling’ all this info. in hopes that I might be able to be a stay-home mom one day. THANK YOU Jami for all the inspiration. You are really making me believe we can do it! :)

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