Sad Saturday- The Chair Experiment

Our sad Saturday post today is about chairs. I’m the first to admit this isn’t really all that sad, but I did learn something from this little chair experiment in color, though I’m not sure if it’s about the chair or about me.

Back in October I shared with you these chairs (4 of them) I found on Craigslist:

I had been searching for chairs for awhile and just wasn’t finding anything I liked (um, in my price range…) and we were having a dining chair crisis. And I’m being serious: while I was lallygagging on Craigslist, the chairs we did own were breaking one by one.

So when I found these chairs for $5 each and they were STURDY (it’s funny how that trumps style when chairs are breaking right and left) I brought them home, thinking they would buy me some time to find some chairs I love.

I planned to paint them, but first I took them to my step dad’s house and he helped us to shave off the front legs so they aren’t so blocky looking. So far, so good.

And since I always paint everything white, I thought I’d branch out with another color.

Green (and yes, I’m going to recover the seats).

Here’s what I learned about painting chairs a color that stands out from everything else in the room:

It, um…well, stands out from everything in the room.

Which is great if you’ve got a lovely chair to show off.

Not so great with a $5 sturdy chair that’s just getting us by. So these chairs are now destined for a creamy white paint that will blend in with their surroundings.

Luckily, this isn’t too sad because I only painted one- and I can’t believe I took the time to let it dry and bring it inside to test it out before painting all of them! That’s really not like me.

Little blessings, people, little blessings!


  1. says

    love the new little chairand the color but i see how it stands out too much with your white decor. the idea to shave the legs was the new tapered style, so cute.

  2. says

    Very cute..the little green chair. It is true..something of a different color in a room of creamy white does tend to stand out…

    I have some chairs in the basement that need seats. They are tiny and also a “find”. I am thinking of doing them each a different color and tying it together with the same seats..not sure..have to think on this…

    I Love what you did to the legs…

  3. says

    Oh my! It does look pretty. I love the green color. I would have shared my disastrous burnt pot of soup, but I was so upset and didn’t think to take pictures! :)

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