Season-Ending Tuesday Garden Party: 2013 Favorites

Tuesday Garden PartyWelcome to the last Tuesday Garden Party of the 2013 gardening season! It was another great year of gardening and garden posts – it’s been so fun reading your tips, ideas and just being inspired by your gardens. When I started this link-up four years ago I hoped for just these things – plus to have a place to bounce things off other gardeners and ask questions. And it’s been all these things, as well as a place where I’ve gotten to know some wonderful gardening friends. Thank you to all who participated in our community this season!!

For this last TGP, I thought it would be fun to go back through some of the link-ups and find a few of my favorite ideas to highlight again. Well, I was wrong – it was HARD. You all have such great ideas and are so inspiring! Really – I’m not just saying that, I had a very hard time picking just 10 to highlight. And the only reason I limited it to 10 was because I didn’t have time to deal with more photos than that, ha!

So, without further ado, here are 10 posts from the 2013 season that stood out to me for one reason or another, starting last spring and working forward:


In march The Local Kitchener shared this easy hoop house that easily allows you to start seedlings earlier and grow things later in the season. I loved that it is also portable so you can move it where needed.

Shannan's mulched bed

In April I was happy to read Shannan’s (Travelling Memoriesreview of overwintered mulch for her garden because it confirmed my assumption that using newspaper or cardboard under an organic mulch really does a great job of keeping beds weed-free.

Fishtail Cottage garden

In early July, Tracie from Fishtail Cottage shared pure garden eye candy – her beautiful garden full of June-blooming flowers. Sigh.

Chia Seed jam

Also in July Jacqueline at Deep Roots at Home rocked my world by posting about jam that is thickened with chia seeds – yep, a couple tablespoons of chia seeds, some honey, and you’ve got a pure fruit jam that’s awesome! I know, ’cause I tried it with blackberries and I loved it. The chia seeds aren’t as noticeable in jams using fruits with seeds like blackberries or raspberries, but may work with strawberries if the texture didn’t bother you. I’m going to try it with more fruits next season, for sure.

StoneyAcres Winter Gardening

Since in my dreams I am a year-around gardener, I’m always interested in reading about people who are actually gardening year around successfully – like Our Stoney Acres. Maybe one day…


In August Michelle (Simplify Live Love) shared the results of her no-dig potato planting method. Since it’s similar to how I plant potatoes, I was excited to read about her great harvest – it gives me hope that if I can find a way to keep the voles away I, too, might have a good potato harvest!

RindyMae Backyard

Mindy (RindyMae) always shares such wonderful photos of her inspiring gardens and August saw her sharing this color-filled spot – don’t you just want to sit on that bench and soak up the scenery for awhile?


In September, The Novice Gardener won the prize for surprising the heck out of me with this flower cupcake decoration that is actually a dried pineapple. I think this is so cool!


Shelly (Frugal Family Home) linked this post in September about freezing and drying celery which was like a light-bulb going off for me: why didn’t I ever think about doing this to be able to have celery whenever I need it?

Angi's Bees

And since we’re housing my brother-in-law’s bees, it’s made me interested in how beekeeping works and aware of bees more in general, so Angi’s (Schneider Peeps) post on how their bees are doing was a highlight for me. I loved how she was honest and shared the ups as well as the downs (just like our experience, too).

And if I were to pick a favorite from my own posts it would have to be this:

kamencia front yard:garden

Because it reminds me of our wonderful trip to Kosovo and Greece and helps me remember this gardening lesson.

What about you – what was your favorite part of the last gardening season?


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    Good morning, Jami. The features were a nice revisit of some great blog posts this past year! I even remember some of them! I would like to thank you one more time this year for hosting this fun hop! I’m going to miss this one! Have a great day!

  2. says

    Thanks for all the highlights, there were a couple in there that I had missed. And thank you for including ME in the lineup!! You’re welcome to hang out on the bench any old time. :)
    I’m sad to see the party go, but I’ve entered my fall gardening mindset. I’m not a fair weather gardener and if I can help it, I won’t be out in the dirt again until spring.

  3. says

    I learn so much from everyone who links up their posts. I look forward to it each week. I am sad to see it end.
    I need to turn the soil over in my garden when I can bring myself to pull up the last of the carrots and zucchini I have growing. I am thinking of planting a cover crop this year since the compost I purchased wasn’t very good at all. I am hoping by planting a cover crop, that I can turn over in the spring, will be just what my raised beds need.

    Oh and thanks so much for including me in the line up too. :)

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    Oh, my, I can’t tell you how sad I am that Tuesday Garden Party will be taking a winter break. I really love this group. For some of the summer – late July through mid September – nothing noteworthy happens in our garden but I enjoy reading how everyone else’s gardens are going.

    Thanks so much for featuring our bee story. The more we learn about bees the more I’m convicted that it will be the backyard beekeeper that “saves” the bees from destruction (and the Lord, of course). I want to encourage people to think about ways they can help the bees out. Maybe they can’t have an actual bee hive but everyone can plant some bee loving flowers for them.

    I’m excited to see what fills this space on Tuesdays until next spring.

    • says

      Angi, I’m so sorry that your gardening season doesn’t go along with ours here! I want you to know, though, that the first year we had the TGP link up I did run it all year – and some weeks we had only 2 or 3 participants! It’s just hard to keep thinking gardening with the holidays and then a lot of the country in cold, winter mode. I tried to do a lot of planning posts, seed-starting and whatnot, but people just weren’t very interested. :( I’ve found it easier to just take a break, focus on a few other things, and then start back refreshed in the spring. Maybe we’ll start the end of February in 2014 just for you. :)

      Oh and look for a handmade gifts series on Tuesdays (I’m excited that I get to have something to link to YOUR party, ha!).

      • says

        Jami, don’t take my sadness as a complaint, I completely understand the predicament. It’s part of the ending of one season and beginning of another season.

        I’m excited to see what handmade goodness you’ve been up to. I’m sure it will be lovely, we used your “joy” decoupage sign idea in our homeschool co-op craft class and made a Names of God sign. The kids had so much fun.

  5. says

    I have to second what everybody is saying here. I’m going to miss hanging out with all of you every Tuesday! I’m honored and humbled that you mentioned my pineapple flower in your lineup. Thank you so much for hosting, Jami, really appreciate it. I can’t wait for the party to start all over again next spring! :-)


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