September Blooms {TGP}

September Flowers :: An Oregon Cottage

Even though it seems like every blog I visit is talking about pumpkins, leaves, fall and getting cozy by the fire, I’m still busy relishing our garden’s September blooms!

Even though there are many things I enjoy about fall, I’m usually drug kicking and screaming into it because I know the seemingly endless cold and gray days will soon follow. I need a good two weeks of September to wrap my head around the fact that summer is over, so I’m not decorating for fall until the calendar tells me to!

With that in mind, here are a few of the gorgeous flowers that are still putting on a wonderful September show in the garden:

Blackeyed Susan and Ceanothus ::

The black-eyed susan started blooming the end of July, I wrote about them in August and they still look great! I especially like them in front of the purple blooms of this ceanothus which is one of my favorite color combinations any time of the year.

September Blue Hydrangea ::

I wait all summer for the blue hydrangeas (have I mentioned I don’t do blue – ever?) to turn this lovely shade of purple with green centers. It’s just a bonus that this is the time of year when they dry well, too – so I get to enjoy this color for awhile.

September Pink Hydrangea ::

I have one hydrangea that is only a year old and hasn’t changed to blue from our acidic soil yet (it will, though, they all do if they’re the changin’ kind…sigh) and it’s turning this deep shade of pink – still with those awesome green centers.

Geranium and purple daisy ::

This hardy geranium is called ‘monster’ – yeah, not a surprise looking at this photo, is it? Believe it or not, I cut this back hard in June after it finished it’s first flush of blooms! It’s mixed with a perennial purple daisy that I can’t remember the name of – poor thing is struggling. I really need to divide this geranium, don’t I?

Purple and White Fuchsia ::

Isn’t this fuchsia something? It was a spontaneous grocery store purchase three years ago to fill this blank spot along our entry walkway. I thought it was an annual fuchsia, since that’s what the blooms looked like. However, it’s come back each year stronger than the last – and bigger. It’s way too big for this spot now, but I’m afraid to move it because I just love these blooms and don’t want to be the cause of it’s demise.

September Clematis buds ::

This white clematis (I’ve forgotten the actual name) is still pumping out the blooms.

Blooming Pink Begonia ::

And how could I think about replacing these stunning begonia blooms with pumpkins next to our door? No way – these will stay and I’ll just have to add white pumpkins around them – I don’t know, pink and white seems like a fine fall color scheme to me, ha!

What about you? Are pumpkins ruling your world yet?


  1. says

    Your flowers look just beautiful. We have a few flowers blooming in our garden but most are done for the year. I think I really need to make a plan for more flowers for next year and include some varieties that bloom later in the summer and early fall.

    We didn’t plant any pumpkins this year but I wish we had. I will need to make a trip to our local farmers market to pick up a couple to cook for the freezer and roast the seeds.

  2. says

    Although we look forward to the cooler temps of fall, I’m right there with ya on not decorating until the calendar says the day has come!
    You’ve got some wonderful color in your garden. Hang on to the remainder of summer!

  3. says

    I don’t think it feels or looks like fall here at all, even with the rain we had. I think a lot of these little fuchsias at the grocery store are quite hardy in the ground. Your fuchsia is gorgeous and I love your white clematis and the monster geranium!

  4. Leslie says

    Some of the leaves here in the Southeast are just begining to turn and to fall, and we’ve had a couple of cooler days, so I broke down and put up a fall wreath. But if my yard looked like yours with all those beautiful late summer flowers I’d definitely have waited. I can’t pick a favorite, but your hydrangeas and monster geraniums are amazing.

  5. says

    A woman after my own heart! All of the decor sites have fall this and that and pumpkins etc and while they are pretty to view, and while I do decorate for fall, it is NOT fall yet here and when you put so much work into your gardens why not enjoy them until they are done ? I have fresh flower bouquets in the house and some drying hydrangea and outdoors is still a riot of color. I just linked up a post about the little goldfinches here enjoying my sunflowers …pumpkins can wait while that is going on :)

  6. Charlotte Moore says

    Give me the PINKS all year. I am not a fall color person at all. It really does nothing for my house with all the PINK I have.

  7. Krista says

    I agree. You have got to enjoy the late summer flowers as long as possible because all too soon they are gone. My flowers are still blooming like crazy and I love it.

  8. says

    I’m with you Jami! I hang on to summer as long as I can. I live in your neck of the woods and I know what lies ahead. I love the colors of fall but they have their time. Your flowers look amazing. My hydrangeas have all lost their color by now so Im so impressed with yours. Happy end of summer!!!

  9. says

    I’m with you! It was soooo cold yesterday morning and I was wanting to scream, I’M NOT READY!!! I’m still trying to get used to the idea that my impatiens are waning. My gosh, pumpkins?! Already!? Say it ain’t so.
    Although, I do LOVE fall food and it won’t hurt my feelings to be eating stews and roasts in the weeks to come. :)

    • says

      Okay, Mindy, I could probably admit I’m getting tired of salads and am looking forward to soups and stews, too. :) But the rain? It could stay away for awhile yet and I wouldn’t be sad!

  10. says

    Hi from Central Fl! I added my natural weedkiller post to your link up :) You probably already have some great organic solutions you use. Love your garden and flowers…I miss the seasons. Thanks for your bloggy visit! XXOO Wendi

  11. AndiW says

    Hi Jami! Beautiful flowers, all! I adore Autumn. It’s my most fav season. Just the same, I am delighted at the profusion of blooming beauty in my garden and have no interest in rushing for pumpkins, scarecrows, etc. No way!! Your lovely incorporation of pink begonias and white pumpkins sounds simply elegant!!
    You may already know this about hardy fuchsias, as I’m presuming yours is with mention of it’s sizeable growth since purchase, but if you want to try this, you could root a cutting, keep it protected and plant elsewhere. Again, IF this is a hardy variety (mine were singles with the fuchsia coloring), I used to cut them down to 6″ stubs and they’d grow to enormous sizes the next season. Just a thought. :)


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