Simple Spring Mantel


Since I loved my winter mantel so much, I haven’t wanted to change it out before now. The daffodils started blooming in our yard this last week and that prompted me to finally give the mantel a new look.

I kept the background black window, shopped the house, and did a quick and simple craft to update a pair of pillar candles I had. I actually shopped a bit too much of the house, and ended up doing quite a bit of editing (a-hem), but the end result is something I love- just like the winter vignette.


I bought the egg wreath two years ago at JoAnn’s 70%-off sale after Easter for about $4, but forgot to put it up in time for the holiday last year, so this is actually the first year I’ve used it. I originally liked the subdued colors of the eggs, but now I realize it’s hard to find colors to coordinate with it (the yellow from the daffs are much brighter), so I added some purple vintage ribbon.

I made burlap sleeves for the candles and tied them with more of the purple ribbon, adding a couple of vintage watch faces to them. This was a simple project (it took maybe 10 minutes?) that really updated the plain candles and also brought more purple to the mantel.

The birdhouse bookends were a homemade Christmas present given to us years ago and I found some vintage books to put in them. I like how the binding of the green book picks up the green and the torn-cover books pick up the browns and yellows in the burlap and wreath.

You might remember my little cement planter from my thrift store finds in February. I planted a bit of moss in it, though it doesn’t hold much dirt, so isn’t doing well. I might have to go with dried moss or (gasp!) faux moss in the end, as some of you suggested.


I added a couple of pieces of ironstone to lighten the look and my sweet terrarium/greenhouse that I’ve had for many years (I think it originally came from Michaels).


I’ve never actually grown a plant in it- this is supposed to be a tropical plant which would enjoy the moisture. We’ll see.

See that cute little bird peeking out? I picked that up at a little shop my sister-in-law took me to in Arizona when we visited a few years ago. I really like adding these types of things from our lives into my decorating – it helps make our house “ours.”


I’m including this shot to show you the wall candle holders I found at Goodwill ($1.99 each!). I’ve placed a couple of lanterns from Ikea on them for now, but what do you think of the placement? Are they too small? Do they look funny there? It’s such a big wall. Sigh.

I kinda liked that they had a small plate to hold the candle, so I could put things other than candles there- like these lanterns or small vases with seasonal flowers or even little potted plants.

But I’m not sure…what do you think?

How are you decorating for spring?


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  1. says

    In fact, I do like the wall sconces with the lanterns and I didn’t think they were too small. My first thought was oh I love those sconces thinking the lanterns were part and parcel of the whole.

  2. says

    It’s really hard to give up winter decor when it is still snowing outdoors!!! But, like you said, the daffies are blooming and making me have an inkling for more color.
    Your mantel looks great ~ I especially like the little terrarium/greenhouse. (I think you should call it a Wardian Case. Sounds so elegant, does it not? ;~P )
    Happy Spring!

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