Small Office Update

Okay, admittedly this office update isn’t huge or spectacular, but sometimes it’s the small things that reap big rewards – and for very little effort – so you know I had to share about it! I mentioned in last week’s post on my thrifted Tiered Pie-Tin Stand that I moved around some things in my office-workroom, but what I didn’t mention was that I also brought some new furniture into the room. Of course, ‘new’ is in the loosest sense of the word – which I’m sure comes as no surprise.

Office-workroom Update

I’m kinda enjoying how the new desk and chair are all curvy and feminine – quite the change from my hearty craftsman table and 50’s office chair I had been using before, isn’t it? Of course the desk and chair have a story (as do most of the items in our house…). It’s a very rare item that makes it into our house through the typical go-to-a-store-and-purchase-it route.

We bought the desk from a friend for $5 ten or so years ago (I know, can you believe it?) at which time I painted it beige-y-white. It was our family computer desk, then a living room table, and somehow it ended up in Brian’s office when we moved to our current house. I think it was because of it’s size. However it ended up there, it was always a bit incongruous – all leggy and sweet in an otherwise masculine space. I like it much better here – and I’ll like it even more with a refreshed, lighter paint job.

The chair was a rare Craigslist find for $25 I picked up a couple months ago. Rare, because as I think I’ve mentioned, French-style chairs seem scarcer in my neck of the woods – I wonder if it’s an East coast vs. West coast kinda thing? So if I do see them on CL, they are either already gone or ridiculously priced. I haven’t done a thing to the chair, though, and have big plans (yeah, sorta like the other French chairs I managed to find – cough, cough), so look for that in a future post.


Just to change up the room a bit, I also decided to try the desk in the middle of the room facing towards the windows. This is also a sewing area, too, and I wasn’t sure if it would work with the other small tables I use or even how I would like it, but guess what? I LOVE it! And the gate-leg table behind the desk actually functions a lot better than having all the files and things right on the desk.

But mainly what I am enjoying is this:


Sitting at my computer, writing to all of you and looking out our windows and doors to fields, neighbors walking by, horses, and the hills in the distance. Oh, and seeing the progress of the house being built across the street – evidenced by all the piles of dirt you can see (while I’m sad to lose our pasture view, I’ve met the new neighbors and they’re really sweet and I look forward to getting to know them better).

All-in-all, much nicer than looking at a wall all the time (if you have an option) – even if that wall was filled with a cool diy inspiration bulletin board – don’t you think?

Have you made any small effort changes that made big differences, too?




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  1. says

    I want your office…I want your view ….I have a gate-leg table built by my grandfather also LOL
    My son has a French chair, but I don’t think his cat is going to be happy if I take it since he sleeps in it.

    You definitely gave me some ideas of how to combine the sewing/crafts room with my office…Thanks.

    • says

      Oh, I’m glad to know that, Juls! I actually love to be surrounded by my notions and ribbons and such and have my machine in reaching distance – it inspires me even though I don’t actually use it all as much as I’d like. 😉

  2. Krista says

    very nice. I love it when switching the furniture around and adding a little something new makes it so much better.

  3. AndiW says

    What a GREAT, airy room to create and work in!! I echo the above-stated comments and add, I would LOVE to have your advice to change my office/craft room into something more enjoyable. It’s small, rather cramped, painted my favorite color with a beautiful original painting by Nanci S hanging between the door and one of the bookcases. I have 4 fluorescent light bulbs burning as well as some natural light seeping in through the north, small window. Because the desk is an L-shaped rhetro, wood office desk and credenza, it’s large, heavy and stores quite a bit. In other words, it’s difficult to rearrange. A desktop instead of laptop add to the oh-so-delightful snaking cords…I think change for me would be about getting new-to-me furnishings. Sorry for processing here, Jami. Thank you for your encouraging blogs and I’ll give change a little more thought! 😉

    • says

      It seems like you have a good start, Andi, with the color and art you love! But it is fun to think about small changes that could refresh a space and make you enjoy it even more, huh? :)

      • AndiW says

        Yes! I loved the orange-yellow top of my desk as it looks so 60’s-70’s and is beautiful with the oak that surrounds the balance. HOWever! I’m considering going ivory for the top!! It will match the door/window frames and might better reflect the light. Did you note how MANY bulbs I’m using at present?? Truly want those replaced with (boring/ugly) hanging rectangular fluorescents, but Stu doesn’t like that idea as it would completely change the room. Ah, well. One step at a time. 😀 I’m simply glad to have this!!

        • says

          White does seem to miraculously make everything light, bright, and cleaner-looking (as in uncluttered, not that it is dirty, ha!) – go for it! :)

          • AndiW says

            Stu suggested trying white card stock (those poster size pieces) from Dollar Tree to try first and see if it’s what I want. THEN, we’ll paint. What a great idea! 😀

  4. says

    I love your “new” desk…and yes, in the middle of the room works, especially when you have a view!
    I moved my sewing table into the middle of the room so I can look outside when I sew. My Hubby put it on wheels so we can wheel it out of the way when we need the guest bed….hey, it works!

    • says

      I would probably put wheels on anything I could, Nancy – I just love that idea! Too bad not everything lends itself to that – my craftsman table would work, but the new curvy Queen Anne style legs? Not so much. :)

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