The Simplest Spring Porch Decor

There’s a lot out there in blogland showing all kinds of handmade wreaths, painted pots full of faux bird’s nests and fanciful eggs, and lots of fun fabric decorations for spring porches. But what if you don’t have time for that? Or don’t want to invest the time or money (no matter how inexpensively it might have been accomplished)? Can you still have a welcoming, decorated porch for spring?

You can probably guess what I think, huh?

Spring Porch Wreath

Here’s our spring wreath. I invested about $7.00 one year (JoAnn’s clearance + coupon) and reuse it almost every year. The welcome sign was a thrift store find many years ago that stays up year around.

It’s not awe-inspiring, but it does bring a spring feeling to the porch and looks a lot better than keeping the dead Christmas wreath up any longer…cough.

Simple Spring Planter

I used to have lots of pots, but now find I can take care of just this seasonal pot plus two other old boxwoods that live on our front porch. This guy was actually empty for a few months.

Yes, I know I have a blog – I suppose that means I shouldn’t ever have empty pots, but guess what? The back patio is full of them – ha! Life is sometimes more important than pots.

But, even I got tired of seeing the empty pot every time we came home, so with a $2.00 investment in pansies (I actually dug the daffodil from our yard!) and about ten minutes of my time, the pot is full and our visitors (and me!) get a nice, cheery greeting.

Sometimes I get motivated and spend a bit more time on creating a welcoming porch, like last fall. But keeping it super simple with a discount, old wreath and a couple dollars in flowers works sometimes, too.

And you know what? Both make me happy.

What about you – what does your outdoor entry look like this spring, simple or a little more complicated?



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    I love it. Sometimes, ten minutes and $2 is all you can spare. Our front porch is pretty simple. In February I removed some Esperanza’s that were about 10 feet all and 5 feet in diameter. So it looks a little bare, but I relocated some of my other plants so it should fill in nicely. I also make some address signs using this sign decopauge idea that I saw around Christmas time (hmmmm…if only I could remember the amazing blogger who shared that addictive idea?) It makes me smile everytime I drive up.

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