Summer Flowers

My 13-year old daughter has taken some really good photographs this past year. I really think she’s got a great eye for composition (yes, I know I’m biased, but I really do think…).

So I asked her to take some pictures of flowers that were blooming now in our garden for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day over at May Dreams Gardens (it’s great fun to look at other’s gardens).

The rose pictured above (Abraham Darby) has become the wallpaper on my computer, I loved it so much.

This is a strain of Cosmos Sonata with a bi-color tint that I particularly like.

Blue Flax (that I never get the plant support on at the right time so always resembles a ground cover).

And yes, “blue flax” is really purple.

I grow a handful of gladiolus in the cutting bed (that is woefully neglected).

They always seem a bit gaudy to me, but lend a nice tall element to a vase of flowers.

I love, love, love, Italian White Sunflowers and try to grow them each year (I also love how my daughter has the flower in the foreground slightly off center so you can see the flower in the back).

These never want to grow from seed as easy as regular sunflowers. They are a bit fragile and persnickety, and I was using 2-year-old seed, so I only have two plants that made it to maturity. One plant, though, really puts out a lot of flowers and they make great cut flowers, so I’m happy any survived.

This is a nameless (to me anyway) climbing rose that was here when we bought the house. It was mowed down a couple of times, never watered, dug up and left in a pot with no soil when we built our garage, and still sent out new shoots.

I thought anything that determined to live should get a new chance, so I planted it next to the new garage. This is its second bloom and it has a number of buds.

The bees love the sunflowers and I’m so happy to see them, the sweet little workers.

Well, they’re sweet until I get stung. But really the only things that sting us around here are yellow jackets, the nasty little things. I know we need them to keep our bad bug populations in check, but, oh, how I wish there were another way…

And we are ending with a white dahlia that I have as a happy afterthought. It must be a “patio” type, because it is only about 2-1/2 feet tall, but I didn’t pay attention when I bought it. It was on clearance a couple of summers ago and I needed something in the new bed we were planting(where the old driveway had been) that would fill some of the space.

I fully expected it to die that first winter. I didn’t dig up the tuber, nor did I think about mulching it, but it comes back stronger each year.

Among my carefully planned (well, maybe not so carefully, but at least planned) flower bed, this has become the showstopper that flowers nonstop from July to October. A plant that everyone asks about.

Umm, yea, I chose it carefully after reviewing a number of different options…






  1. says

    Hah! Another Oregon blogger surfaces, thanks to Carol’s BBD event. We moved from Portland (smack downtown) to 4 acres close to Scappoose 6 years ago, so I can identify with your change of perspective. Fun blog…I will be back.

  2. says

    Your daughter most certainly has a great eye for composition! I am thoroughly impressed. My favorites are the cosmos and the Italian sunflower. And just for the flowers sake, I am really intrigued by the Italian sunflower. I usually just let the birds plant my sunflowers, but this one I might have to try out.

  3. Jami @ An Oregon Cottage says

    Thanks, guys! I’m going to let my daughter know how well her photos are being received- she’ll be thrilled.
    Riki- I’m glad you found me! Wow, downtown to 6 acres- BIG changes. Is it what you had imagined?

  4. says

    I miss my Abraham Darbys! We had two at my last house–special order from our local nursery. Now, the nurseries tell me David Austin roses are no longer trendy, so their growers don’t sell them.

    I ordered some bareroots from David Austin’s American site in Texas. Only half made it. I have 2 Shepherdess and 2 climbing Graham Thomas. I really want Abraham Darcy again, but my husband didn’t care for them.

    I hope to change his mind someday! I really miss them!

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