We’ve been really enjoying our time here at a lake near the Oregon coast. One thing about the coast here is the weather is rarely “summer-like.”

This picture was taken on our first day here, the last time we had sun most of the day here. And the high temperature topped out at 65 degrees.

Since then the sun has only peeked out now and then, and the fog was so thick on the evening of the 4th, that we couldn’t see any of the fireworks that usually go on around the lake. In fact, we could only see the ones we were doing 2 feet in front of us.

We heard it was 90 degrees at our house in the valley.

Today, the high is expected to be 59 degrees (with a constant wind) and it might get up to 61 tomorrow.

Needless to say, I haven’t needed the swimsuit I packed. But I have been using the sweaters and fleeces I threw in on a whim.

My daughter, however, never lets the weather stop her. She’ll go on the innertube no matter what, she just says when you’re wet, it doesn’t matter. The water feels the same no matter what the temperature.

And I say, I think not. I can’t even stand out on the dock without three layers.

Ah, youth.

The dog doesn’t care either. But then he has all that fur, so he can go in keeping his layers on the whole time.

Hope you’re having a great summer (somewhere where the temperature is higher than 61 degrees!).






  1. says

    Last year we rented a house in Gleneden beach for a week in August. It never went above 65 and we never saw the sun. I told hubby we are going east this year!

  2. says

    We’ll be coming to Oregon next month. Visiting family in Coos Bay (where I’m from) and Eugene (where my husband’s from). Excited to be going back home and hoping for some cloudy days — they invigorate me!

  3. Jami @ An Oregon Cottage says

    Melody- Amen to that – I’m always looking for someplace warm in the summer to go!

    Tami- I do like the seasons we have here and am usually ready for fall and winter – I just want the summer, too! But if I were in SoCal like you, I, too, don’t think I would mind the clouds. Hope you have a good trip!

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