The Surprise Of Olive Oil And Vinegar

My Dad and Step mom brought these bottles of olive oil and vinegar with them when they returned from Arizona and gave them to me for my birthday.
I was thankful, but really…olive oil and vinegar? Although I’m not implying that was my only gift (they’re quite generous-thank you!), just that I wasn’t expecting much from these because we have olive oil and vinegar all the time. They did taste these and said they were special, but let’s just say I was skeptical.
Oh, man was I wrong.
I’ve never tasted anything like these before. The olive oil is infused with lemon and you can really taste the lemon, it’s not just an afterthought. And the 18 year-old balsamic vinegar is thick and syrupy with a deep flavor.
But the most amazing thing to me was when I was out of any homemade dressing and decided to quickly just drizzle the garden lettuce with this oil and vinegar. And you know I was in a hurry because I’ve never been a fan of just oil and vinegar as a dressing for salad- I always want more flavor. But it was delicious. Truly. A simple, pure, utterly flavorful oil and vinegar.
I’ve used it on a lot of salads since then. It highlights the citrus in Orange Almond Salad. It complements dried cranberries and feta. And it lightly dresses a plain bowl of garden lettuce perfectly.
It’s my new favorite. Problem is, I’m afraid to ask how much they were. And then there’s shipping. Ugh. Not exactly frugal.
So I did a quick search on trusty and found that they do have some lemon olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar. I think I’ve found a new reason to search the web using Swagbucks * everyday.
Those Amazon gift cards are going to come in real handy.

*Have you tried Swagbucks lately? It’s even easier to earn bucks. You can search as usual, but also take surveys, participate in daily polls and even do special offers. Plus, it’s fun to start seeing those bucks accumulate!

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    i’ll have to look into the infused olive oils… i like to make my own dressings, and this sounds like it may be solution for when you’re all out and want something simple but good.

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    Love your blog! I also use swagbucks… we’ve made almost $25 in amazon gift cards just in the last 2-3 months. And we really hardly use the search engine (that’s all we do). One thing I figured out was to invite my husband to join, and that way every time he searches and gets any swagbucks, I also get them, so it’s like we’re getting 3 people’s worths of swagbucks now, instead of one. Fun!

    Anyway, I’m off to try your homemade vinaigrette now!

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