Swag Bucks Special Offers

Have you signed up for Swag Bucks yet? I can’t recommend this enough- you simply search the web like you normally do and you earn bucks to redeem for prizes (my favorite is an Amazon $5 gift card!). I’ve been searching using the SB Toolbar for a couple years and I can tell you there are no strings or hidden rules. If you don’t want to use SB to search, you don’t have to.

But you won’t earn that way. What have I earned? Through Amazon I have purchased books, gifts, foods like nuts and coconut oil, and most recently Amazon bucks went towards money I saved up to buy an ipad!

In addition to searches, Swagbucks is always looking for new ways for you to earn Reward Points, and this week they’ve got a promotion designed to help you get your free stuff faster!

Search & Win

All this week, for any qualifying Special Offer you complete from now through Sunday, August 21st, you’ll receive a 20% bonus on what you earn! That bonus will be applied no later than 4:00pm PDT on Monday, August 22nd.

Offers from the following providers qualify for the bonus:

Ad Rewards, Gambit, Trialpay (Offers & Daily Deals), RadiumOne, Paymentwall, Super Rewards, Peanut Labs (Surveys & Offers), and Sponsorpay

If you haven’t done special offers before, you can choose from a variety of different offers (free, purchase required, games, surveys, watching videos, etc.), each of which pay you a Swag Bucks reward. Offers are a great way to earn additional bucks with little to no obligation.

So get started today and earn big all week long!






  1. Anonymous says

    Why would a company reward you for searching & buying on other sites? Simple – they’re tracking your every move and targeting ads based on your search history. It’s a form of Big Brother which I’ll avoid, thank you!

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