Ten Random Things

I have a couple of posts in the works, but no desire to work on them right now, so…

“We interrupt our normally scheduled program to bring you this very (un)important list:”

1. My workroom is so messy right now that I only have a narrow trail from the door to my computer. Seriously.

2. I dreamed last night of corn- the whole wheelbarrow I harvested two days ago was shriveling up and turning inedible as it sits in the shed waiting to be processed. Huh? Is this a frugalista nightmare?

3. After my friend’s sudden death last month, Brian and I are concentrating on saying “I love you” every day. Brian just asked me a few minutes ago if he’d said it yet today-

“No, you haven’t,” I said, expecting the usual response.

“Good,” he said, “look for it later this afternoon.”

4. My daughter is so beautiful inside and out, she takes my breath away sometimes. And I seriously have hair envy- what woman with straight, thinning hair doesn’t wish for thick and curly?

5. When we dropped our son off at college, we helped him take all his stuff into his new room- which he had a week to pack, but of course waited until the day before. When we were done, he realized that a major item, a desk chair, had been left behind. He is so like his dad.

Good thing we live only 20 minutes away.

6. Our dog, Samson, couldn’t get enough corn cobs and beans a few weeks ago. He’d lie in wait until we tossed him some and then eat them in seconds. (Update: after seeing the comments and receiving emails, I googled dogs and corn cobs- ugh! Who knew they could cause intestinal obstruction? We won’t be feeding him them anymore- not that he wants them :-)

The last few days, however, he’ll take them when we offer them but then will toss them aside disdainfully as soon as we’re not looking.

Ungrateful thing- who ever heard of a dog getting tired of food?

7. One of my preschool students described a nightmare this last week as a “bad story.” I’m going to refer to all my nightmares like this from now on.

8. Speaking of preschool students, my nephew is in my class this year. He’s very social and plays house a lot. One of the other student’s mom is very pregnant so there usually is a child who pretends to have a baby in their tummy.

My sister said her son came home one day and told her he helped a baby come out from one of his new friends.

“Oh, how did you do that?” she asked.

“I just popped it out under the table!”

And yes, she let him come back.

9. I love looking out my workroom windows at the horses in the pastures across the street. They run with wild abandon and they lay down, looking like they’re dead.

We’ve learned since moving here that it’s a myth that horses sleep standing up all the time. They lay down- a lot.

But you know what I love the most?

That I don’t have to care for them or feed them. Surely this is the best way to enjoy horses. *smile*

10. Today I’m processing that wheelbarrow full of corn (it really is OK- whew) and a couple buckets full of tomatoes- plus my brother-in-law just called to say I could ride with him to his “secret place” to pick Italian plums that we love to dry.

And since our tree had a whopping 11 plums on it, I will be making time to pick with him.

What am I doing at the computer?

Have a great weekend!!






  1. Jami @An Oregon Cottage says

    Thoughts- I love to make the Fresh Corn Casserole I’ve mentioned before (from Pioneer Woman’s site) with older corn- makes it takes young and fresh again, believe it or not!

    Really, Shelly? How so- can they choke on them? I’ve never heard of that…oh dear!

  2. Thoughts for the day says

    Love the post. I have some corn that my daughter gave me from her garden and it appeared to be a tad old, good but a bit tough what shall I do with it?
    I hope your hubby surprises you with something wonderful, you deserve it.

  3. Anonymous says

    I used to live on one acre right in front of 80 acres with cows. I would brush my teeth at the back door (opened) and enjoy my low-maintenance cows. Well, no maintenance for me, except sometimes I’d have to maneuver my car through the grass when one would sleep in my driveway. Thanks for making me remember that.

    brenda froma arkansas

  4. says

    It is the best way to enjoy horses! The neighbors across the highway from us put horses out in their field, which has a clear view from the window behind our couch, now and then. It was the best entertainment EVER for my boys when they were toddlers. And because the horses weren’t always there, the boys would forget about them and be delighted as soon as they reappeared.

    Another neighbor lets his chickens free range on our front lawn — that I could do without! If anyone’s going to dig up my plants, it should be my own chickens.

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