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2012 Entry

Note: I originally wrote about our house’s transformation from a 1980’s ranch to a “what-year-was-this-built?” cottagey-farmhouse in a multi-part remodeling series three years ago. I will be updating these posts over the next few months by showcasing the “before and after” of each room and going into more details (Want to make sure you don’t miss anything? Subscribe by email here or RSS here).

Our entryway has gone through a number of updates in the almost eight years that we’ve lived here. Which surprised me, actually, since it’s not a separate room, only part of a “great room.” It is seen through the whole living/dining area, though, so I guess I’ve just gotten tired of it over the years which prompted me to update it more often than, say, our bedroom.

Of course the most dramatic change came when we painted most of the woodwork – including the ceiling – before moving in. With a nice, light foundation, the entry has seen these decorating transformations:

Entry Look #1

This is what it looked like for the first four years we lived here. I didn’t really spend a lot of time or effort on it, but the size of the huge wall (that reached a 12-foot peak) always seemed to dwarf whatever I put there.

 Entry Look #2

When I did a makeover of the entry a few years ago, I tried to ground the new wall grouping by putting it closer to the cabinet. I added a little lamp to help connect them, as well. It was OK, but again I was bothered by the amount of white wall – it just seemed to make the black tray grouping seem so small.

I thought I might add to the trays, but I really didn’t want to buy things just to buy them.

So when I started seeing a lot of the gallery walls around the web that people were creating, I realized I had the perfect wall to create my own version – and I’d be able to use all the pictures that had been stored since we moved years ago.

Current Entry Look

We are enjoying our gallery wall since putting it up last winter – including all the memories we get to share with our guests who comment on it.

But I don’t think I’ve ever highlighted one of my favorite things about our entry – one that’s been there from our first remodeling:

We installed this sweet light shortly after painting the interior of our house. I had been storing it for years in a box after my sister-in-law, Stephanie, removed it from their house and gave it to me.

Believe it or not, this little fixture had been the dining room fixture in their old bungalow where it was woefully undersized. I loved it, though, and thought it would make a perfect hallway light. We never did install it in our old house and when we found this house, it fit so perfectly it was like it was meant to be- we didn’t have to adjust anything on it for it to fit the space.

It’s just another piece that adds to the aging of our 80s ranch – which I love!

Is the entry done? Ha! I’m already on the look-out for a vintage cabinet and I’m working on a French-type bench to replace the temporary wood bench we placed in the entry last fall (and how did I go so long without a bench in the entry? It’s been SO wonderful to have a place to drop things and for guests to put purses and coats).

And so the evolution continues.

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