Thirty Minute Laundry Room Spruce-Up


We’ve recently finished the last few finishing touches on our laundry room (started years ago, but better late than never!) – beadboard molding, floor molding, and cabinet brackets.

I still need to paint everything- including the cabinet- to match the painted beadboard. With our track record, I didn’t think I should wait to do a bit of cleaning and organizing, though.

Especially because it started out looking like this:

Just a bit cluttered.

About 10 minutes later, though, it’s a marked improvement.

The cupboard, though, needed a bit more time and energy.

I should probably mention that this room is also a mud/garden room – and that this cupboard has been a catch-all. We’ve installed a set of shelves on the other side of the room for gardening items, so this cupboard can now be organized solely for the laundry.

Since this is behind doors, I didn’t worry about lots of pretty baskets and such. I used what I had on hand and when I did use containers and labels, it was to serve a purpose and make it easy for my family to find items in here (and put them back in the right place!).

Which is probably why to took only 20 minutes to clean and reorganize this cabinet. Sure wish I would’ve done it sooner.

Rags, cleaning towels and microfiber cloths each have a container and label. I even specify which rags are “throw-away” so when there’s a particular need, there’s no question about which to use.

Yeah, I learned this the hard way- losing a couple of my favorite towels. Not a big deal in the scheme of things, but worth adding a couple of specific containers, for sure.

Laundry, cleaning supplies, and essential oils are easy to reach and find, too.

It sure looks nicer from the hallway – clean and simplified.

Do you have an area – in the laundry or anywhere – that could use a quick 30 minute spruce-up?

Or maybe it’s just me. *smile*

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