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I mentioned on Monday that we had taken a trip to Bend for Brian’s work and visited a couple of thrift stores while we were there. As you know, it is one of our favorite things to do – even if we don’t find anything we’d like to buy. And I am trying to be more discerning since my motto for the year is “Eliminate” and not “buy every great deal you see.”

Things like the little concrete urn pictured above definitely qualify – I hardly ever find things like this and I’m always looking for ways to bring garden elements inside. It was $2.99 and I’m wavering between planting it with an airy little fern in moss or filling it with some moss-covered decorative balls. Which would you choose?

I can’t believe I bought brass candlesticks – that seems so 1990’s, doesn’t it? I’ve been reading, though, how it’s making a comeback (yes, everything seems to eventually) and I’m working on a gallery wall (I hope to be able to share it with you soon!) that incorporates some old-gold frames. They also tie in with nearby vintage light fixtures that feature aged gold.

These, of course, are not aged – but they stood out from the masses of brass candlesticks because of their detail, which I love. And at $1.99 each, I can take the risk of attempting to age them myself. Anyone aged brass recently?

Ah, now these urn-shaped candle holders were a little splurge at $4 each. I can just picture them anchoring a spring mantle, however, maybe with a paint job that makes them look a little more like outdoor concrete urns?

I don’t usually highlight clothes here at the Cottage, but we are about living better on less and shopping at thrift stores can often lead to great clothes for a steal. I’ve been looking for a cream cardigan for a couple of months actually – in regular stores – and finally decided to look while we were at the thrift store.

Score! All my criteria met: long sleeve (not 3/4), v-neck, cotton and fitted- all for $3.25.

But I think this black casual jacket is the best find because I had seen similar “field jackets” in an Eddie Bauer catalog that had come in the mail just the day before- to the tune of $80-$130 each.

I paid $3.25 for this cotton-linen jacket that had never been washed and probably not worn as it looked brand new (I didn’t snap the picture before I washed it, however- I usually stick clothes in the washing machine as soon as we walk in the door!).

And while black is not usually the color of the jackets in the catalogs, it happens to be the color of that I needed – I already have brown and tan casual jackets- so I was pretty happy with this find.

Do you shop for clothes at thrift stores?


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    • Jami @ An Oregon Cottage says

      Ha! I didn’t know there was a new one out there – we’re hardly ever in that area. We’ll have to plan a trip there to check it out. 😉

  1. Tonya @ My Homey Haven says

    I LOVE thrift stores! I’ve managed to furnish and decorate our home spending very little by shopping frugally at the area thrift stores. I just snagged 3 upholstered Parsons chairs for my kitchen table for only $4.94 each. I was so excited- I had just priced them for nearly $200 each! I left the store almost feeling like I was stealing something! :)

    I love the white urn shaped candle holders! I’m partial to white so I’d leave them that way. :) I also love your concrete planter and though I’m sure the moss would look great, I’d opt for decorative balls but only because my green thumb is nonexistant. I know you’re much better at getting things to grow than I am. :)

    • Jami @ An Oregon Cottage says

      My green thumb doesn’t always translate to inside, Tanya! I don’t know what it is about house plants, but the only ones I’ve managed to grow successfully are pothos (I dare anyone to kill these…) and a couple of African violets that bloom only sporadically. So…I don’t think the fern would last that long- but even if it lasted a few months, it would be cheaper than flowers that last only a week and would be something “live” in a room, which I do like. :-)

      In the end, the balls will probably come into play at some point!

  2. says

    Hi Jami, shopping at charity shops (thrift stores) for clothes is pretty popular in the UK. They have improved dramatically over the last few years – they used to have a bit of a musty smell and the clothes would be all disorganised so you had to be pretty determined to shop in them. Nowadays they are very clean, organised by size or colour so a pleasure to shop in. In fact, easier than clothes stores. I just go to the rack for my size and if there is nothing there I like the look of, I can go. I don’t have to walk round the whole store looking at all the different styles. Plus it is amazing how often I will find new or next to new clothes. I do remember in a former life buying clothes and not wearing them, then giving them away!! And you have the added bonus of knowing you are supporting a charity. Liz

    • says

      Ooh, I’ve heard from friends who live in Britain that the charity shops there are awesome, Liz – maybe one day we can take a trip just to shop the charities! I’d have to plan on shipping stuff home, I’m sure, ha!

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