Tips For Buying Natural Peanut Butter In Bulk

peanut butter

After sharing with you some things I like to make with peanut butter, you’ve probably guessed that we go through quite a bit around here. I like it on apples, too, and it’s a pretty good source for protein and snacks. I’ve always been a peanut butter snob, though, and have bought only real peanut butter as an adult.

By real I mean the kind that has only two ingredients- peanuts and salt. Yes, it’s also the kind you have to stir, but it’s well worth it in my opinion and it’s never seemed like that big of a deal to me (I’ve also made it from peanuts in a food processor, but not since my kids were younger- we go through too much now).

A number of years ago I realized that Costco had an extra-large jar of natural peanut butter that would save about $1.50 for every large jar I bought. That’s a pretty big savings. But I couldn’t see, physically, how I could stir all that peanut butter.

Enter my sweet sister-in-law who taught me this trick which is pretty painless and saves us $36.00 over the course of a year (at $3 savings a month).

Yes, $36. On peanut butter. Who knew?

Before I get to the trick I learned from my sister-in-law- I thought I’d pass on this little extra tip I do. These extra large containers always seem to have more peanut oil than the smaller jars (is this just perception?) and when I leave it all in the peanut butter is just too runny and then it, well…runs off the bread.

So I’ve started pouring most of it off.

Years ago I use to just *gasp* throw it away. I know, shocking. But I’ve mended my ways and now it goes in a jar to use for stir-frying and Asian foods. Did you know that peanut oil is the best for Asian foods and stir-frys because it can be used at the high temperatures called for in these recipes? However, it was so expensive that I used to never buy it and would substitute something else.

Ha! Now I have all the peanut oil I could want (just don’t use it in homemade playdough if you’ve run out of your other oil- trust me on this).

Not only do I save buying the extra large jar, but I get peanut oil out of it, too! It’s enough to make my heart go pitter-patter.

Yeah, I know- it doesn’t take much.

And here’s the tip that helps save us all that money: empty the entire container into the bowl of a stand mixer and let the mixer do the work.

Isn’t that wonderful? An added bonus is that it gets really stirred, so it seems to stay stirred for longer than when I just stirred the butter in the smaller jars.

I pour half of the stirred butter into a smaller jar for serving and the remaining back into the huge container.

I keep both on a shelf, as peanut butter only needs to be refrigerated if you’d like to slow the separation. I don’t like cold, hard peanut butter so I don’t refrigerate it and I’ve never had a problem. If you’d prefer to refrigerate, go ahead- or keep the larger container in the fridge and a smaller one for serving at room temperature.

Three dirty items, a few minutes of my time = $36 savings (more if you count the peanut oil!)

I’d say that’s a pretty good return!


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  1. says

    Jami, the oil is an extra bonus that you might try factoring into your yearly cost savings. Peanut oil is expensive. I love the way you solved this problem. It really is a great idea. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings…Mary

  2. says

    I never thought about saving the oil. I just usually stir it in. I do not mind storing it in the refrigerator since I do not eat it all the time and I love to warm it up to eat as a dip with Granny Smith apples. Um so good.

    I wonder if I can put this in my food processor since it has a pastry blade on it. You have got my little mind going. Thank you for all the helpful information.

    Melissa M.

  3. martha says

    i would imagine it would lessen the calorie load as well, draining off the excess oil, as you wouldn’t be using all the oil in the jar! love my peanut butter and trader joe’s has an excellent peanut butter too!

    • Bill Ross says

      Yes, oil is intense when it comes to calories. All you have to do is light it on fire to know that! But whether that translates into health issues is a more complicated question. The body makes fat, not necessarily by ingesting fat. Some substances are wired to create fat, such as Fructose (in the absence of fiber). The body has to be coaxed into accepting any substance and some substances are either well suited to ingestion or POSE as being well suited. Big Food has scientists laboring diligently to create substances that trick us and our bodies into accepting them as if they were food, even though they are actually dangerous, lethal substitutes.

  4. Paul says

    I see you are using Adams peanut butter. Unfortunately the large container is no longer available at Costco. I called Adams/Smuckers and found out that the 36 ounce jar is the largest available. Before I open a new jar I will store it upside down until the oil is in the bottom of the jar. Then I put it on its side and let the peanut butter settle again and rotate 90 degrees a few times. I then remove the lid (to remove all metal) and put it in the microwave for about 90 seconds. This softens the peanut butter and makes it easy to mix. I am a firm believer that the oil that comes in the jar is there for the purpose of creating the proper texture and flavor.

    I hope Costco will come out with the large Adams container again.

    • says

      Hi Paul! You’re right that they don’t carry this peanut butter anymore, but we are really happy with the Kirkland replacement – it uses Valencia peanuts which seem a lot more flavorful to us! When I leave all the oil in the peanut butter, it makes it WAY to runny and I can’t stand peanut butter running off my bread or apples. That’s of course a personal thing, and I’m glad you’ve shared your tips to incorporate the oil for those who want to. :)

  5. Gary Taylor says

    My Costco quit carrying the extra large Jar of Adams peanut butter.
    Are there any other Stores that carry the large jar.


    • says

      Yeah, ours did too – but we like the valencia peanut flavor in the Kirkland brand, so no complaints here. :) The mixer still works for smaller jars, too.

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