The Trouble With Voles

Some of you may remember my dismay last summer when the voles (otherwise referred to as field mice) started attacking my vegetable garden with a vengence. I knew we had them around the property because I had seen the holes in the grass, but they had never ventured into the garden in the four years we had lived here.

And they had never eaten the vegetables before. I started seeing bites out of carrots in July, and in just a few weeks it advanced to the whole carrot leaving me only the wilted tops. By the time I harvested potatoes that were riddled with bites, I was discouraged and frustrated.
I sprayed castor oil and put in one of those beeping sound things that is supposed to make them leave, all to no avail. I plan to try some other methods for my large bed areas, but for the raised beds Brian and I are taking some drastic measures.
And because we just knew you’d want to see what we are doing, here’s a video for you documenting our vole-proofing method for the raised beds:

Watch this in a larger size on YouTube.

Lest you think that’s done and we’re moving on to the next issue (a larger deer fence- what is it with all these animals who want our food?), I should let you know that was only one bed out of six.
And that took all day.
A pox on voles.




  1. says

    those voles are icky! What a lot of work, to do all your beds! It always seems like it is something… when it comes to the garden. I am trying your potato / straw planting this year. Can’t wait to see how it goes.

  2. Addison says

    Thanks for one of the best home-video-You-Tube-Thingy’s I’ve seen in a long time!! I especially love the part with your dog….my Golden Retrievers would probably do the same thing!! I am planting raised beds this year for the first time and I will use hardware cloth as y’all instructed just to be sure! Thanks for all your hard work–this is a great blog and I enjoy all your posts!!

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