Tuesday Garden Party 03.18.14

You guys are sure inspiring me with the posts you linked up at last week’s Tuesday Garden Party! From a way-to-cute garden shed, to March garden updates and sprouting seedlings, you seem to be getting in the gardening groove. Except those in the south who have been in the groove for a while now! (A reader from AZ told me she is using some of my tomato preserving recipes already. That is SO weird from my northern point of view, ha!) Be sure to check out the links if you haven’t already!

Caring for Seedlings at One Week - An Oregon Cottage

The updating of posts continues – this week our post on how to care for seedlings at week one has been completely redone with new, larger and better pictures, and rewritten to more clearly state the steps to take at one week to help your seedlings grow healthy and strong. Click here to read the updated post.

Garden Chores by Month-March - An Oregon Cottage

I’m also starting to compile past posts and information into monthly gardening chore posts, starting with garden chores for March. I will create a page for these monthly to-do lists eventually that will be easily found in our drop-down menu for future reference. I’ll be sure to let you know when that is ready! Click here to read the list of chores for March.

Please make sure to leave a comment on the chores if you see some things that I forgot that are important to get done in that month!

So, what’s happening in your gardens this week? We had an INCREDIBLE weekend with sun and 70 degrees on Saturday – ahhh, glorious spring! I got the berries pruned, some flower beds cleaned out and some shrubs pruned. There’s still a TON to do, but I just do a little here and there as I have time, so I don’t get too overwhelmed. Do you do that, or do you have marathon gardening sessions and get it all done at once?

Tuesday Garden Party


  1. Shannon says

    I don’t blog so I can’t add to the party but I’m so excited to get out there. I loved the chore list ~ reminded me to start saving the Sunday paper & schedule a mulch delivery (meaning, put it on hubby’s calendar!) I’ve been using your list of perinnials as I work my way through this new to us yard and am excited to see some of them returning for spring. 😀

    • says

      Wonderful, Shannon – I’m so glad you found that useful, I’ve been wanting to get these lists done for awhile. And you can always add to the party in the comments! Let us know what your up to. :)

  2. says

    I busted my butt over the weekend to get the backyard completely cleaned up. I can’t wait. If there’s a warm, sunny day, I’m outside until dark. It feels so good to cross it off the list. Now I need compost! My most recent garden post won’t be live until tomorrow, so I’ll have to link up then.

    • says

      Of course you’d get it all done, Mindy – arrgh! 😉 Look forward to seeing your handiwork – in the meantime, I’ll be out there again on Saturday – if we have time after getting back from a trip to Portland! Too many things…

  3. Melody says

    I love the March list. It has me motivated for this Saturday since the weather looks like it will cooperate. Thank you!!


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