Tuesday Garden Party {& 9-25 Highlights}


Tuesday Garden Party
Can you guys believe it’s October already? Seems like we just started the season, harvested a few things, and it’s already coming to an end.

Well, for most of us anyway. I know you southern gardeners are getting geared up for the coming garden season, and while some of us do have a few fall items, many seem to be puttin’ away their shovels for the season from the looks of our small numbers here at the TGP.

However small our numbers, they are still mighty (ha!). I had some fun looking through last week’s links to find this week’s highlights, including hopefully finding the answer to my tomatillo mystery curtesy of Candice at Adventure Food Love (who took the photo above).

Apparently, I need to grow the right variety for my area to get the large tomatillos that I got the first year I grew them (by chance!), and not the variety I’ve grown the last two years that produces thousands of unusable, baby tomatillos.

Hopefully, forth time will be the charm next season for me and tomatillos.

corn-stalk tee-pee

I love how Mary at Very Merry Vintage Style created this topiary-like porch decor for autumn from cornstalks, a pumpkin and silk leaves. It’s sure a bright and cheery way to celebrate the season.

pumpkin-lined bed

And isn’t this amazing? I’ve never seen this many pumpkins decorating a house before, let alone lining a bed. You can see all the other places Priscilla found to showcase her carload of pumpkins and gourds on her blog. Fun!

Grilled Ravioli

This was a revelation to me. Thank you, Mindy (Rindy Mae) for linking up this recipe for Garden Harvest Grilled Ravioli with enough time left before the rains come so I can buy me some ravioli and try this simple, wonderful sounding dish. I LOVE our Easy Grilled Vegetables – and adding ravioli? Brilliant!

Remember all the tomatoes from last week? It took all week, but I finished processing them on Saturday. Whew. For those who follow me on Facebook, you’ll have seen this picture I posted yesterday of the results of some of that preserving:

oven tomato paste

I had able to try the new recipe I found and pinned a few weeks ago to my Preserving The Harvest board at Pinterest from Saveur.com for Oven Tomato Paste. Easiest tomato paste. Ever.

Next time I’ll leave out the olive oil and just pour a few trays of sauce while I’m making our large batch of pizza sauce to cook in the oven at the same time. Love it!

I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got for us this week – and only one more regular Tuesday Garden Party before our season-ending bash on the 16th!


  1. says

    Thanks for hosting the link-up. You know Jamie…I probably wouldn’t be posting so much about the relationships between my garden and our homeschooling nature study if it weren’t for the link up. I appreciate the nudge to keep my eyes open to the opportunities to share with my readers and the Tuesday Garden Party. :)

  2. says

    Thanks for hosting this! Even though I didn’t have a chance to link very often, or write comments — I enjoyed visiting each week and checking on all the links. I’m glad I was able to get something up to link to this last one of the year.

    • Jami says

      Oops, Diana! Sorry for the confusion – the last one is October 16th and we have one more regular link-up before the last special giveaway link-up on the 16th. So keep checking reading and plan to link on the 16th for a chance to win. 😉

      • says

        oops myself! Sorry for adding to the confusion — just got back from an out of town trip on Sunday so my time-sense is all muddled. I was just so happy to have something link up! I’ll do my best to participate in the coming weeks. :-)

      • says

        oops myself! Sorry for adding to the confusion — just got back from an out of town trip on Sunday so my time-sense is all muddled. I was just so happy to have something link up! I’ll do my best to participate in the coming weeks. :-)

  3. says

    I’m sharing recipes I am making with what’s coming out of the garden. We just had our first frost so the acorn squash are curing getting ready to be stored. I love stuffing them and I shared a recipe I concocted using the wild rice my sister sends me from the Canadian border.

    Also a recipe for stuffed tomatoes. This is a wonderful brunch or side dish recipe. Tons of flavor and a way to celebrate farm fresh eggs and tomatoes!
    Thanks for hosting!

    I also host a link party called Eat Make Grow where folks can share their DIY projects, recipes and garden strategies. I hope you’ll come share with us too!

    Stop on by if you get the chance:


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    Hi Jami: Thank you so much for hosting the party for us today. We must be on the same wavelenth, because my post today is about growing tomatillos! I love the features–all beautiful or tasty! I just now finished doing a big batch of tomato sauce for the freezer. Have some nice eggplant on the way, but not a single pepper this year.

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