Tuesday Garden Party- Favorite Garden Tools

Favorite garden tools. Mmmm, I don’t really have too many, and most that I do use all the time are pretty normal. I’m hoping some of you will have some great garden tools to share with me!

I have found a lot of use for my traditional English garden dibble. I actually had it for awhile before I started using it a lot, but now I’d have to replace it if something happened to it- I use it that much.

It’s terrific for making quick work of holes from seeds to bulbs to transplants and I like to drag it to make small furrows for planting.

This one I bought on a whim when I saw it discounted in a Pinetree catalog years ago. They call it an Oriental Garden Tool and they still sell it for only $14.95. I’ve also seen it called E-Z Digger, Korean Hand Cultivator, and Ho-Mi with prices up to $22.50, but it’s the same product as far as I can tell.

Once you use this, you’ll wonder how you gardened without it. Really (and I’ve no affiliation with Pinetree or this product- I just love it and use it all the time). This cuts through our clay soil without problems, easily gets rid of weeds, and makes holes and furrows for planting. It pretty much takes the place of a trowel for me in the garden beds. I find I used a straight trowel mainly for pots now.

You can see that I’ve used mine a lot. And that sharp point? That’s the beauty of it- weeds in the cracks of walkways and between plants are toast with this.

You do have to be careful with it, though. Just take my work for it.

Lastly, I’ve waxed poetic about my Felco pruners here before so I wont’ bore you with details.

In a nutshell, they’re expensive. I went through about 15 cheap ones before I succumbed to a sale and bought these.

I should mention that the total of the cheap ones equalled about twice what the Felcos cost. Duh.

But they fit my hand so much better and they cut beautifully and, most importantly, the blade can be replaced for about $8, making this an investment with longevity.

I haven’t been kind to mine, though. I’ve lost them out in the yard not once, but twice. Yes, it’s true- so they have rusted some. I’ve replaced the blade twice and tried to clean them, but they are a little stiff, although still my favorite.

If you get some- please treat them better than I do.

Maybe there should be some sort of “garden tool abusers anonymous” meeting I could attend to help me remember how to take care of them.





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    I think my favorite garden tool are my new leather gardening gloves. I close second would be my American made shovel. We actually had to shop around to find one!


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