Tuesday Garden Party Highlights & Link-Up

Happy Tuesday, friends! While I’m swimming in tomatoes (and not able to do anything with them all weekend because we’re refinishing our floors – hopefully I’ll get to some canning soon!), last week’s TGP had all kinds of goodies to look through. Here are a few that caught my eye – I’m always inspired by you guys!

The Generous Gardener Rose

I loved looking at all the English roses from Sweethearts & Sweet Tarts, including this soft pink stunner called ‘The Generous Gardener.’


I’m so intrigued by the Hugulkulture (german for “Hill Culture”) that Modern Homesteaders explained – it’s like a raised bed on steroids and uses a base of rotting wood to feed plants and hold water better.


Five in the Foothills shared how she learned to get her basil to look lush and healthy – even though it hurt a bit!

squash blossom chips

The amazing award goes to: Squash blossom ‘chips’ from The Novice Gardener. I’m very curious, though I don’t know if I’d actually do this!

Fall Garden-G.Notebook

Angi shared her fall garden at Schneider Peeps – she’s way ahead of me, though I should’ve started a month ago! She is running a special, though,through the 31st on her helpful Gardening Notebook I reviewed at the beginning of the season – 40% off in fact! It would be a great way to keep tract of what worked (and didn’t!) for spring and summer and help plan for the fall.

Go here to order The Gardening Notebook and enter promo code HARVEST for 40% off! (promo code good through August 31st)



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    Good morning, Jami! Right now my tomatoes have slowed down a bit – thank goodness! I hope your floors turn out great. Thanks for hosting the party!

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    I hope I can do some canning for the first time on my own. I want to can salsa for football season.

    Thank you for hosting the party. I am about to get another flush of roses blooming, just in time for bouquets for my daughter’s sixth birthday. It is exciting!

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    Oh my gosh I’ve got the envy for your tomatoes. I couldn’t grow tomatoes this year since the bed we would normally grow them in has some kind of fungus that keeps infecting them, and we’ve been out of town more than would allow for growing containers. Well, would have, if I had known about that trick you had a while ago with the kiddie pools!

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    Thanks for featuring my post, Jami. I really appreciate it.
    I’ve been harvesting tomatoes here and there myself; would have probably gotten more if the garden isn’t hosting Mr. Groundhog! :-) Speaking of hosting, thanks for being such a wonderful hostess for this fun party! Have a great week, Jami!


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